Saturday, September 26, 2009

How deep is your love?

beegees_1.jpg, originally uploaded by wigibb.

When I was a young kitten, I HATED the bee gees. My mom was always singing along and swooning to these siblings on the radio- and for some reason this upset me. I think as a pup I was unprepared for falsettos, or was not ready for making-love slow ballads. (definitely not!) But all things come full circle, and now i really like the bee gees. The soft piano lines, soft syth, those beautiful harmonies, lines like "I can still feel the glow, let it be let it grow"

Of the same vein, my love is deep for Randy VanWarmer. Thesemi-star is full of awesome 70's cheese and synth. Perhaps many of his jams are Not so much making love, as holding hands and starting at sunsets and camping. He was the dreamy bespectacled underdog on the American charts, with one gold ol' hit that my patron saint Dolly Parton covered.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New house!

Neuschwanstein Castle, originally uploaded by Luiz Pires.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Hey Dreamdate cards,
I hope you're feeling excited about the seasons changing. While I am not, Honestly, I hope you are! The Resume Of Charm brand of behaviors, products, lovemaking, and hijinx will be relocating in the next weeks to Portland, Oregon. This means nothing, really, except the IP I blog from will be different and I'll be giving my zines to people that probably don't already have them. Oh, And I'll make more money with jewelry because people dress better in portland. If you have a catch-all name for your personal industry and stuff, try calling yourself that. It's kind of feels important, like you're more than one kitten.

Check out this flickr group "castles of europe". To jump for joy for! The other night, Craven Rock, of the EAVES OF ASS fame (Get it at Ms. Valerie park) and I read through quite a few zines.

The highlight was the zine "alco-beat".

In it, there is a list of papers you could write in college including

"My life as a swordfish by Bob A. Swordfish" - Geneology, Biology.
"A photograph of my friend lisa on spring break last year. Woooooooooh!" - History of Photography
"The problem with Dictators - Too Bossy" - History

And in a list of things to do:

1. Pee on a cookiesheet and freeze it.
2. Slide Under Landlord's door.

The two authors talk about amusement parks, being drunk rock writers, television, Sex Education films from the 70s and punk rock in China. Seriously, this zine is tops.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No more drunk Resume Of Charm posts

(Seriously. I will be practicing self control and not be posting drunk. It makes me realize How consistent of a person I am, though. Drunk, sober, whatever. I always like the same things and when I make lists they are all really the same. Animals, girls, food, pretty shit)

Hey Kittens, I'm updating from the fine Multnomah county library. Ooooh their dreamy hand-picked zine collection!

Last night I went to Dekum Manor and saw two of the finest portland bands - Tiny Knives and Here comes a big black cloud. Dance party! I took a walk with two puppy friends Teauge and Bri, sang to friends, ate birthday cake, had a sleepover, and this morning drank tea that tasted like spring flowers and slightly psychedelic wallpaper. Played Ukelele-saw romance jams outside of the waypost. Life is good. Things with the living space I was thinking of are now no longer a topic, but I realize this is a very good thing - it will bring better things in the spring! Now I am searching for a temporary nest. It will work out, I know!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Worst Resume of Charm Post EVER

Tonight I went to a zine reading of Eaves of Ass, and Ilse Content. It was so supremely SICK!
I went to the afterparty and I am too stoked.
Why is life so awesome?!

1. Alexis Wolf's zine Ilse content! (Get one at Ms. Valerie park distro!)
2. Jadon's zine, Eaves of ass! (Get one somewhere else!)
3. Garlic is a natural antibiotic - cures sinuses!
4. Moving to Portland!
5. double mint chocolate chip
6. brown eyed girls (for real! So good! I am always writing about pretty things! Girls just happen to be the prettiest things, aside from deer!)
7. When only you and I think it's funny
8. Chris Estey's new zine, GET WELL
9. Synthsation (Seriously the best record ever, or at least I feel that way right now. I did not have a clue ears could have this taste sensation) EPIC
10. The sprint competitions at flowers that make cyclists barf!
11. good dreams
12. oh i'm in love with everyone and everything
13. I am so tired
14. silkworm
15. believing and acting like animals
16. No rules
17. Dance party
18. Total Vacation
19. Fuckin' Eh!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A very serious topic: Bliss

Blissed Out
  • Pronunciation: \ˈblist-ˈat\
  • Function: adjective
  • Date: 1973
  • meaning: ecstacy
  • Synonyms:beatitude, blessedness, euphoria, felicity, gladness, happiness, heaven, joy, paradise, rapture
  • Things that help us to experience bliss: Hearts and buttermilk-cloud addled heads, honesty, the strength to be vulnerable, collecting the pieces of friend's experiences to experience them more abundantly, the disarray of senses, occasionally controlled substances, the grace of communication, positivity, days spent somewhere in between floral bedsheets and complete astonishment at any given moment of awareness.

There are no words to describe what lies ahead but...

No rules! dance party! Total Vacation! Fuckin' eh!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The spell (An Mp3 post)

The spell EP by Makina Girgir

Makina Girgir
is a retro-electro artist from France. I know very little about the artist, but have been listening to their EP and work on the Synthsation compilation for the last few days. (By the way, has anyone noticed i've been catching up on blogging? I've been sick.) and for all things good and holy, thank you for existing with your soft drum kicks, synth and claps.


Makina Girgir - Elapse

Smoke trees, Buy My Zines. (Zine sympsium 2009)

The zine symposium weekend is my favorite working holiday. Sell zines, Trade zines, Buy zines, make friends, See old friends, cuddle with other cute zine-makers behind your table, drool over nice covers, make a lot of noise if you're from seattle, drink a lot of beer and go to lots of parties. That shit is dyoniesian! I always have fun, but this year was made great by the people who attended. Friday was a sort of set-up and make tea-party pleasantries with people. After that, my friend Jadon and I went and saw Tiny Knives, Fleabag, and Scumgrief at The Camel House. We later went to my friend's "I'm leaving portland!" party and danced for a long time. And got lost for an hour or two walking back. Oops! Saturday I mostly sat around my table and felt at home, because my roomates Kinoko and Adam were tabling right next to me. My friend Amina sat with us for a large part of the day. Later, my new friend Matt invited friends over for a party, where I napped with my roomate in a VERY comfortable bed. I then walked to another dear friend's house - Rihanna and Josh, where Amina and Jadon were, and went to sleep. Shh!
Sunday, i got drunk and traded all my zines for other zines. SO MANY GOOD ZINES!

Hustling Sean and Adam Fletch The laughter of like children Mayzie Hart Amusement Jesse Reklaw My table Kinoko yo

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Salty shores and soft words. Zine reviews!

Hello, Kittens! I am not usually thrilled by new earthly objects, but tomorrow I will be obtaining a multi-octave singing saw (thanks mom and dad!) and a schoenhut toy piano from the 1070s (Thanks, craigslist!). The opportunities for music making these two will offer is kind of a joy. I am a saw player, and already have two really nice hardware saws that work well, but oh the range! There are a bunch of bands and electronic artists that I really like that utilize toy pianos...I am VERY attracted to the sounds they create. <3! style="text-align: center;">REVIEW TIME
Zines I have enjoyed as of recent - Most new, some Ancient. Stay tuned for more. I am preening through hundreds of zines from the house I live in - A giant collection grew and was abandoned here the year before I moved in...Oh, to be the proud parent of 1,000 issues of maximum rock and roll and french anarcho leaflets about why cows should'nt be exposed to television! Naw, Actually tons of the zines are quality. So, the few hundred that made it through the initial cut, I will be reading.

And, There was the zine symposium. The next post (perhaps tomorrow) will have more reviews, photos from the week, and some excerpts. I read in a zine once that the best way to review is to let the writing speak for itself.

John Issacson
John Issacson 3613 SE 10th Ave Pdx, OR 97202
johnissacson at hotmail dot com
John goes to punk shows and writes four panel comics about them. As he says "When sweaty, half naked teenagers are feverishly making out in a crazy pit between songs and the first band has not even finished their set, you know you are at an all ages show"
John makes me smile. His drawings are rad.

So Midwest

Luran Truckface
LBj4prez at hotmail dot com
I found this zine in the Outhaus closet. I'm in love with this zine. The writer, Luran Truckface, worked for an unnamed health food chain. Luran mostly writes about things in relation to work in ways that make me laugh and shudder. college, Crazy roomates, co-workers, touring, parties, iguanas, people of the past, body traumas (In various forms) and serious snark.

"I am a really bad person. Sometimes I get angry when Lucas looks at me. It makes me hate him. He looks at me and I see he's in love and I hate him for liking me as a woman, I become disguested with his heterosexuality, his enjoyment of my Body. I think it is not right for me to be so frigid and nonsexual. Maybe I am not meant to be with him or a man or anyone. I am meant to be alone. I'll take ten miniutes and I'll stop feeling nauseous."

Grrl Noire
Kim Riot
PO box 33654 San Diego, CA 92116
hexestarr at yahoo dot com
Sometimes this is the only zine I care about. The layout and artwork selected are always STUNNING. And the stories and thoughts shared are always very candid - sometimes with stress, others with wonder. There is often an easy-to-relate to stream of conciousness , #7 rang out on love of music, beauty standards, Mental health month, confidence, television, cellular telephones, routine, and more. ANY of her zines are super good, though.

"Why do I miss snow so much? Maybe I have good memories associated with snow or it reminds me of my childhood or something."
"Back then, I was 25. Here, ten years later, should I be worried that my partner will leave me because I've aged that much more?"

Delphine Bedient
Peep The Zine
peepthezine at gmail dot com

I need to say Zine crush five times fast. Peep has a pretty expansive catalog - fifteen or sixteen issues at least. I traded Delphine for two of them, one under recommendation and one by closing my eyes and capturing one off the table. I have #8 and #15. Each issue is but a few pages long, but OH! the charm in the brevity and lightheartedness. Wonderful clip art and images, collages of items often overlooked.
"peep is an unfinished Mad Lib. Peep is your mother's jewelry box. Peep is the boxes in your attic"

Useful things abound! French phrases, poems, centerfolds, recipes, histories of things in a quarter page or less.
I'm going to order them ALL and give them a tiny box of their own in my zine library.


Mayzie Hart
mayzface at gmail dot com

Mayzie is a total dreamcloud of a zine writer. She writes zine about EVERYTHING. They are precious, unabashedly feminine, and above all - really really fun to read and look at. She talks about fashion, Kanye west, sewing shit, whatever. Rad backgrounds and collages.

Her latest zine "Liberal Myth" takes on a topic totally unique to the zine world, I believe - Pole dancing for confidence, excersize, and sport. She discusses the relationship with her body as it has changed over years. Highly reccomended!

Resume of charm project #12

With an address provided, I will mail out as many post cards as are requested. A list of lovely things will be sent - and I will hope for one in return! The postcard lists will be compiled for a portion of the issue. It makes me excited just thinking about what could be on those cards.

Resume of charm #12 will be the issue of all things truly beautiful, explosive, natural and kind. I have always been obsessed with lists. (Thus my attraction to the zine "list" by Ramsey Everydaypants) Lists have generally been latest interests, and nice things in general, emotions and growing things. Growing like plants and inside heads. I recently re-printed copies of a zine I did when thirteen - "bright eyes." Inside it were:

Cassie's Casio, Sanrio's Deery Lou, Blowing Kisses, Driving your mom's minivan (If you're a teenage boy*), Science fair, Catcher In The Rye, Harper Lee, Sleepover Parties with makeup and everything, Six Cents and Natalie, Kitties in Baskets
* pretty stupid, but probably the only person I knew who could drive

coming on a ten year anniversary, i just giggle and smile. Things are just as simple, now.

Now my list is something like

Singing saws, deer, honey, feathers, soft drugs, pretty girls in pretty dresses, harm reduction, roller skates, swans, calves, cold cold creeks, rainbows, crafts, understanding my body, dreaming about the idea of home, oh oh oh oh oh swooning.