Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blogs of folks I met at Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference

Howdy, folks! I just got to attend the amazingly curated Resistance Ecology conference in portland. It was amazing! A conference that was all about intersectionality in animal rights. I left feeling ready to rebuild- and with so many new connections and ideas, I hope that as we rebuild our movement we will be working from a stronger framework, one that holds each other accountable so that we can truly grow stronger. If we are trying to cause the least suffering, we must also take care to not oppress people as well.

My favourite talks were with Breeze Harper from Sistavegan, and Lauren Ornelas from Food Empowerment Project on racism in animal rights campaigning, and addressing the fact that our "cruelty free" choices can still oppress people working for the companies that steer clear of animal products. Like Clif Bar...
Another highlight was a timeline of the powerfully successful movement against italian vivisectionists, and hearing about how activists have gotten thousands of people involved and hundreds of dogs, mice, rats and rabbits freed. The Lab lieration was my favourite thing that has happened all year, so It was nice to hear from someone involved in Italy.
I also was stoked to hear a talk on corporate control with an emphasis on Ag-Gag bills with Will Potter, David Shapiro and Lauren Reagan.
I'll post my favourite recordings of the talks as they come out.


I said I was going to make a post of blogs i liked from folks I met during the Vida Vegan Lifestyle Blogger conference's Vegan snack after party at Herbivore Clothing and Food Fight! Vegan Grocery. We ate vegan smores on cake crackers, and Gordita crunch taco things. It was really good, and I asked some folks about their blogs. As to be expected, some were by self centred people that only care about their health and smatter it all over their blog.
Aside from that, I sure do like blogs with a lot of pretty pictures of recipes and food.

Vegan Moxie - Seattle based blog, supporter of Vegan Haven/Pig's peace. Jam making!
Becky's Tasty Planet -   Dank cornbread and broccoli soup recipes
The Vegan Word  All I can say is snacks snacks snacks

Yeah whatever

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some things I have been listening to

I'm not sure if Anyone reads my blog any longer. I hope so.

Here are some podcasts I have been listening to, mostly about Animal Rights.

Animal Voices
The episode I just listened to is fascinating - A Mennonite talking about religion and Animal rights.
All Things Vegan
The guest on this episode is talking about the way to truly reform the Industrial Food System.

Well fuck I got an OK cupid. Now want to blog again.