Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The boy who snared the sun

Happy new year, everyone. The best of heart, adventure, creativity, and progress for all of you, and the entire planet. While I personally celebrate "new year" around the summer solstice, New Year's Eve is one of my favourite holidays, the others being Saint Valentine's day (I can hear hella kids pouting) and...summer solstice. But Saint Margaret's day is actually the best holiday of all. She cut herself out of a serpent with a crucifix!

As shown here by
Heidi Estey

On Saint Margaret's day, all the pretty girls wear daisy crowns, get drunk, take long walks, sit on stoops, explain saint Margaret's day to the uninformed, and sometimes watch meteor showers. Saint Margaret's day is traditionally celebrated in portland oregon and is a three day festival. Our patron virgin and Martyr is of Antioch.

But this new year is all about stories! Here's a good story to listen to. It's a story about animals ruling the planet, door mice, prarie wolves, and mastadons. There's just a couple people, a few innovative sun-snaring ideas, and a lot of snow. I got it from the book "American Indian Fairy Tales".
The Boy Who Snared the sun (MP3)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Good things and Live Art at Bonkers!

1. Running through snow so freezing, resplendent sparks fly and we fall into the great white endlessness.
2. Yawning in the way that it makes you cry
3.sittings with knee's under one's 'self'
4. Daydreaming about honey dripping from the sky straight into my open rucksack
5. Danielle Rodeo + Foxdye Live painting at Bonkers! during the Acid house "Massive!". Amanda Starfoxy worked it real hard too! We drew up colour by numbers for the party attendees to complete, and doodled on a few canvases, and the ladies loved it. We also danced to acid house by Woody mcbride, some dark shit by Beetseeka and some bootybumping mashup tracks by bromantic duo "Real Life Ryu". I <3 Bonkers!
Enjoy these photos of the evening.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

More FIGHT! photos

Kinoko Vs. Wyatt!

Panda Panda Panda Vs. Birdman!

Sterling Snow and Trina

sparkly squeaky ring

Luke Ramsey + Doodles Pieces from the art show.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brother vs. sister!

Brother vs. sister!, originally uploaded by Rodeo!.

The Rodeo fox-boxing ring at the powfox blog party! Brother bear vs. sister coyote! The ring was a knock-out with six rounds of riled up unicorns, honeybears, pandas, parrots, bunnies, and wolves! <3 The only really scary thing was that the sound system and awesome DJS (M'chateau and Kinoko!) were super close to the wild animals! Thanks to Powfox + Free Sheep Foundation for bringing the dance party and the spectators to see the fights. Thanks to Team Nerd for the zookeeping skills, MC Firedrill for the mad tape skills, Sterling snow for the glamour and glitter, and all the boxers - Will, Nahal, Trina, Derek, Timothy, Fazad, Wyatt, Kinoko, and cute mystery girl on the prarie, your name I forgot!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Making us well for the winter months

Happy Pill 2, originally uploaded by formatbrain.

Marcos Zerene is my new artheartcrush. I love his characters, they are all so well rounded. even the triangles

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pw fox party tonight!

Come enjoy music, art, and sexy boxing animals pawing it out! (It's my ring, and i will put who i want in it!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gnder gap report 2008.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Vamos..., originally uploaded by Zéh Palito.

I have funny dreams about you. hahahaha

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

today I like these things

1. Ron Rege, Jr.
2. Deer Tick
3. slips as streetwear
4. diamonds falling into one's lap
5. A-pizza mart, University district
6. belief in the power of transition
7. the good-night hug
8. december
9. lovely poodle
10. herb salad for breakfast
11. realizing the beauty in sleeping alone
12. olympia
13. feministing
14. art crushes in brazil

Friday, October 31, 2008

Lion and cupcake spoke cards

Lion and cupcake spoke cards, originally uploaded by Rodeo!.

new spoke cards. Will trade for soft momentz.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Up all night

Up all night, originally uploaded by Rodeo!.

Well, fall is upon us. Illness, quiet times, and also weather that makes small girls cry. BUT! There are also bike races, puppies, and late morning in-bed reading sessions that make it all worth it. plus, apple cider, costumes, and feverish knitting by people who know how.

As this is an all media blog, I went to see a few movies in the last few weeks.

1. Mr. Foe
This is a scottish film. I love seeing movies alone, getting the small popcorn, and sniffling. There is no feeling of emotional release i get that mirrors baking in the glow of the screen to some indulgent, precious, indie film. (although i was lachrymose through the sing-along version of mama mia) I like the movies where boys cry and everyone has to run around picking up pieces of their adorably calculated, condensed-personality lives, and where everything falls apart not so suddenly because i, the viewer, saw it coming like water over a clogged kitchen sink. I usually start bawling during the previews and if the movie has enough cute dialouge, i'll keep going until far after the credits.

That said, I saw some previews that really owned my eveing.

A comic/comingof age film featuring an awkward and beautiful young boy (If you know me, this is my genre.) named hallam foe lamenting the death of his mother and also becoming voyeristically obsessed with his stepmother, ever though he hates her because he thinks she murdered his mother. He draws lots of cute pictures, and has lots of emotionally charged photos, etcetera. He's cute. Anyway, he runs away to the city after having some crazy one time affair with his stepmom and becomes obsessed (it's his thing)with the woman who hires him at a hotel, he spies on her, hearts are broken, hands are held, awkward "love" is consumated. i cannot stop sobbing much to the chagrin of all the other people seeing this movie alone on a friday night. Four paws up, it's not as creepy as it sounds.

I also saw the Oliver stone george bush movie. I cried more during the previews, because the preview for "Happy go lucky" came on again. God, that woman just seems so happy. I want to make people as happy as she seems. I felt sorry for george bush and trapped in a hopeless, sensationalized political world of process. I'd rather have watched the doors movie again. But, a packed theater during a tuesday matinee made me feel a wierd sense of community, like the NPR piece asking people "Why aren't you at work?" and everyone they ask is like "why are you at work?" and the rest of the city shrugs.

Also, Piece By Piece - San Fransisco graffiti.
This movie was awesome, 83-93 is the best chapter thereof, all these group bus-tagging excursions on film. They cut out the chapters of girls and an awesome queer political artist, who goes by the name "Heart" and "Sink the ship" who i've love to take out on their skills, smarts, and apparent...heart. Lots of namedropping, and included are two hours of the interviewed folks painting their various pieces. It was pretty neat how they sorta differentied the LA / San Fran / outlying area styles. Also, the best crew name ever. US. UNDENIABLE SICKNESS!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Zine reviews. Or Die.

Jesus Christ Super Zine

BEST ZINE OF 2008. Straight up, but no offence to anyone else. I'm just over the moon for this sweet zine, starting with connecting with christ as a "Rose amongst thorns" Formerly christian kid assessing and writing sometimes wonderfully and other times stabbingly about her past. Includes an updated sermon-sheet, and other honest to goodness stuff. Can't wait for the next issue.

Jesus Christ Superzine
c/o SSO Press
po box 2645
olympia, wa 98507


(The love issue. Includes this street artist "Linda's Ex" who started scrawling these frantic messages and drawings, looking for his love who left in a storm after a fight in an alley. They say stuff like "Linda, I feel sick" and "I miss you Linda" and sometimes, asking other street artists for help. "Gould, Tower, Evol! Help me find Linda!" It went on for two years, the heartbreaking search for linda. And then when an art show went up, he revealed that Linda did not exist. He said that He was not a melodramatic type of person, But Linda's Ex sure is.Also in the magazine, the "I love You" tagger, and "Love me" Who says that they write Love me because "Girls, um, they make me sad. Actually, it's my psychotherapy. I hate myself." This further makes me love my fellow streetartist. They are all so adorably confused, and sort of like the runt puppy who needs to be bottle fed and forced to be cuddled in your hoodie pocket, 'cause the other puppies are full and fat and mean.) Underpray!

An Uncommon Identity analysis
An awesome zine I got from this rad lady at the Gender odessy conference. She's butch, femme, of colour, abused, priviledged and sweet and amazing and epic. The end of the zine is an open letter to the board of Governors Human Rights campaign.
Street Sketch Book - Trsitan Manco.
(From the person that put together "Stencil Graffiti".It's a collection of street artist's sketchbooks, so It's more looking on with eyes of love and wonder and rainbows and lines than reading Bfree,Ericailcane, Eroded, etc.)
Burn all the things you have to burn
-A zine about an really unhealthy friendship, and one friend's dealing with saying goodbye to what ails her, as hard as it is. starlingzines@gmail.com

Catgirls V. 1 + v. 2, and the catgirl horoscope book. By Catherine Peach
Your life might suck if you don't look at these catgirl drawing filled zines. Catherine peach is, as my best friend over at powfox says "Really good at drawing girly stuff". My horoscope said i was going to have a really great orgasm this year. Get all of her zines and you'll be really stoked. catgirls on rollerskates, telephones, and in aerobics wear. Which is also what I think of Catherine Peach 'cause she's "slammin".

Nickey Robo
917 sw oak street
Portland, OR 97205

Rad zine by a rad girl who's zines i have enjoyed lots before (She wrote a really charming crush zine called "My heart beats only for you".) This zine has stuff about being a pedicab driver - wacky stories and sexualization that went into it, drinking and being straightedge, real weights, and the internet phenomena "Chunky pam". Oh yeah, and it has a "Women's (Mad) Lib." or something like that. Send her a few bucks, it's worth it.

More zine symposium zine reviews some other day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beetseeka + Rodeo

I'll take the left, originally uploaded by Rodeo, Meow..

One night about a week ago, my pal BEETSEEKA called me and was like "Yo, can I come over and use your paint and paint a mural for a prom-style photobooth for Bonkers (Which is really fun original electronic music night)?" and I said, OKAY! He came over around one and we painted on a giant sheet until about five thirty.

And the next night, we took pictures in front of it and I got drunk and danced to Red Pony and Power Mitten. I love it! But we were happy because I made a baby deer named Baby Dough and Beetseeka made Grandpa cloud, upper left hand. Yes!

We love you, grandfather cloud!

Also, I wanna give you some cheesy but also cute and sassy electronics to take you on your sexy end of summer evenings. (By the way, I love having breakfast over happy hardcore.)

B-Laze - It's

And, of of my favorite chiptune tracks of all time, By Random. It's called Stiges savepoint, and It's pretty epic. Random is from Sweden. Yep.

Random - Stiges Savepoint

My eye has a twitch!

I think It's all the love in the air!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tender Loving Empire!

I love tender loving empire! I went to their "birthday Party" a few months ago in portland, at a bar that had a name I can't remember! It was nice. I saw a band with a line that said "You still laugh in your sleep, I take that Seriously" and I thought about it a lot, because I laugh and cry and talk in my sleep. And They were just grand. I also saw a band of teens called Southern Belle.

So anyway, at the Portland Zine Symposium I sat across from the Tender Loving Empire table. Jared and Brianne were both very nice, and they gave me a sticker with a baby horse on it. I like stickers. Anyway, I was all "So, what's that song that goes..." and I sang a little for jared. He says, It's on this, but it's remixed. And I said "I want the real thing."

So, Here's the real thing. Go to http://www.tenderlovingempire.com/ and maybe buy a cd because this is pure silver and sparkle shine.

Jared Mees and the Grown Children - The Tallest Building In Hell