Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The boy who snared the sun

Happy new year, everyone. The best of heart, adventure, creativity, and progress for all of you, and the entire planet. While I personally celebrate "new year" around the summer solstice, New Year's Eve is one of my favourite holidays, the others being Saint Valentine's day (I can hear hella kids pouting) and...summer solstice. But Saint Margaret's day is actually the best holiday of all. She cut herself out of a serpent with a crucifix!

As shown here by
Heidi Estey

On Saint Margaret's day, all the pretty girls wear daisy crowns, get drunk, take long walks, sit on stoops, explain saint Margaret's day to the uninformed, and sometimes watch meteor showers. Saint Margaret's day is traditionally celebrated in portland oregon and is a three day festival. Our patron virgin and Martyr is of Antioch.

But this new year is all about stories! Here's a good story to listen to. It's a story about animals ruling the planet, door mice, prarie wolves, and mastadons. There's just a couple people, a few innovative sun-snaring ideas, and a lot of snow. I got it from the book "American Indian Fairy Tales".
The Boy Who Snared the sun (MP3)

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