Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Swoon-core december (things to be overcome and undone by)

A new Resume of charm post, thanks to my charming roomate Wesley, for allowing me to use his computer. December has been off to an amazing start, having awesome dreams, adventures with heart friends, reading awesome books (Women and water, Menustration and Jewish Law. Vintage valentines, The book of The saints) and, believe it or not awesome, working at a rad toystore downtown. (mostly cutting stickers off of strips! fun!) and tonight, making crafts and catching up on blogging. To do so, we'll start with Polka Dot Dot Dot, the magical trio hailing from around the country. Their show at Rontoms in portland was so tight , and i'm dying to see them once more. (not to mention that we all had an awesome sleepover, and decadent breakfast the next day!) Go see them at their midwest and southern dates.

I reccomend listening to "nijewel" on their site, my favourite track of the album, syzygy, might be one of the most swoonworthy songs of all time. (and then the cosmos coalesced, in a starflecked sweater vest. You told me your name, it came from men who made trains, and i was wide eyed. You told me the ground, is where the rail got that sound, and I was undone)

Also, dearest Amina Foxdye just released the third issue of her zine, Sugar and Heartstrings. Totally reccomended! Go ahead and order it from my favourite distro, Ms. Valerie park.

Tomorrow, In art, during portland's first thursday, There is a faux rock poster show at Floating World comics. Many awesome artists are hanging, and of the few i've seen, the posters are swell.

And finally, my band Overcome By The Power Of Love has a few recordings posted, which we will have a huge release party in seattle, and hopefully portland for.

My advice; get a friend to hold, it's sunny here, but certainly chillier.

Shine on,
Danielle Warhola

And signing out, one of time's nicest songs, and how i am feeling very frequently.

Awesome, But thanksgiving.

nov 25 2009, originally uploaded by Awesome But True Diary.

Thanksgiving portland life style.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This has been a serious weekend.

About this I am
seriously tired

1. Negative Bulge art show at ZFloating work comics, Kinoko, Luke Ramsey, Sean Christanson Awesome but true. 2. Craft time 3. Crafting with Julia and Brodie, Sean and Baby Frank. Brussels sprouts, naming most countries in the world in 15 miniutes. 4. Tigercore with the H8ers, Carney Jerkwater, Rockhausen and MC foxdyE/ MC Billy Mays 5. Super sleepy morning embraces and heart to hearts. 6. Making breakfast with a half dozen friends 7. More super sleepy times 8. Wanting to sleep hella 9. Chopped and screwed until all hours. More hanging out. 10. More hanging out. 11. More garden variety hanging out. 12. More of the same. 13. good night and remember that you have a Danielle warhola who loves you.

And I will now remember, I have absolutely nothing to fear.

And like slick summer in it's finest green wetness, slip with a smile in very little clothing.

Kiss awkwardly
Collect swine flu points
get stoked

check in where a heart is at
it's exactly as you left it. Good.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


In an atumnnal time of too much fun and socializing, I am gathering books, much like the squirrels skittering over treestumps and by the wires outside of high windows are gathering nuts and other savory items. I'm not very good at going out in my new city. I'd rather be alone than go to parties, but I think that part of it is being scared of what's new and trying to remember that I'm the same person who left seattle. Well loved and a good person. A cat adopted me. His name is Oliver, and he is orange. He sleeps with me a lot of the time. I went to a party last night, with a fox and a skunk. I was my rabbit self. I need to be overcome by the power of love as soon as possible.

Books I am going to read today.

And, a swedish miniseries by Ingmar Bergman about relationships that I am going to watch.Should be theraputic. I think I may feel veuyeristic after this.

Things I read this week:

"The Memory collective" and "Where are you from?" (A.M O'malley)

Dinosaur Song (Daria Tessler)

Mome Fall 2008

Beatlemania; as told by the fans who were there (Very funny book.)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Transgender Workplace Discrimination Stats

Transgender Workplace Discrimination Stats

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I can't see the forest for the trees

amidst all the chaos, wheels forcing us to go slow.
Up to our ankles in wind, water, other bluegreen things

The princess was high in her castle, asleep,
when Lisa fought her way past the snakes.
"Why are you cruel to people who have never hurt you?" she asked of them. On reaching the tower, she was in dismay to find her companion still, and she assumed, dead. She wept a waterfall crystal and pearl tears, causing the princess to wake. "Silly Lisa, why are you crying?"
And she then asked Lisa to live with her forever in castle.
Happy Happy.

Der Wald vor lauter Baumen

She tried very hard to connect to other human beings.
And I wept.

Monday, October 26, 2009

With love, from PDX.

Hello, Hello Resume of charmers.
I'm in the fabulous multnomah county library Belmont branch, doing a portland favourite activity - looking for work.

This week i have done many things, and had a couple minor breakdowns. Luckily, i am in wonderful health and can remember that I am not alone, and not an Island. Neither are you. Things will certainly even out.

Today I made tea with Mullien, Nettle, and Chickory root. Good for tiny congestions!

A long walk in the sun that has recently come out, sleeping in my new attic wonderplace, reading "we're going to see the beatles!" (An oral history of Beatlemania as told by the fans who were there) and issues of the wonderful art magazing Mome.
This weekend

1. Long, langourous times staring into lawns still green resisting winter
2. Seeing "Jizz Wizard", an amazing electrofunk band in a flooding basement

3. Went to a Benefit Show for the Elliot Free state, Where the band Slow Teeth played. Super show, and for more information about the Elliot Free state check out
4. Went to an ambient noise party at The Watershed, embroidered, got stressed, remembered the healing nature of forests and being alone.
5. Spent three hours making breakfast, played pinball, drank raw goat milk, Talked in bed with a friend for hours.
6. Listened to the rain in bed for hours.
7. Happy Mushroom Season
8. Very nesseccary tears
9. current sounds: 1910 fruitgum company, New Mountain Goats Album, Letters & If It ain't breakfast don't fix it, Shirley Brown
10. I have a draft you can fix.
11. Remembering, there's very little that nature can't fix. (even if you ain't got no money.)

The portland libraries are so good
Tomorrow at the North Portland Library, zinesters of THE EMPIRE BUILDER and FREE BOX THE MAGAZINE are talking. 6:30-7:45
512 N. Killingsworth
I'll be there, will you care to join me?

Hope you are in best health and are finding friends to hold while it gets cold
Danielle Rodeo Warhola

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh wait that looks like, really shitty,

So dear readers/lookers; I'm not sure what happened with that flyer.

Uhhh, also My band Overcome By the Power of Love is playing a last miniute show/party tonight at the Lofts in Sodo. It's going to be a multi-loft party with Jack Wilson and the Wife Stealers, Scratchmaster joe, and others. I better not put the adress in my public blog, so if you don't know i guess you can't go. (Or you can be a friend and feel free to call!) We're on at 10:30.


Ready to party saturdays in seattle. MEOW!

Negative Bulge, Mate!

This art show is going to be THE POSITIVE BULGE of the decade!
A bunch of my friends, and artwork to swoon for.

Bebe D

Friday, October 2, 2009

Marmoset there will be days like this, there will be days like this my marmoset.

I know i've been blogging more, it's just that I can't put mp3 and video into a zine. And i would never put things this trivial on paper. It is fun, though.

And really, this is easier to communicate the trivialities of my tastes.

I can gush about how much i love my bandmates, fin and april
how much i will miss my seattle job
how much i am into disco falsetto
my empty bedroom of two years
unicorn stitch
the collapse
period stains and dirt footprints on my mattress

There is a MARMOSET loose in the University district (not a joke, his name is Rafiki and he weighs around a pound. He was wearing a baby blue diaper when we went AWOL.)
There a signs in plastic all around, so it's really not a joke.
I did find an animal rights pamphlet in my stockpile of zines and ALF propaganda a day or so after the signs appeared, with a marmoset screaming on the front. It's a totally horrifying image, but it allows me to fully know what i should be looking for.
Very tiny.

Also, My friend Rosa Lazzarini has an art show up at the deerborn house.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sugguested media intake.

Hello kittens. Happy chilly day, pacific north westerners! Today I am going to discuss some more outdated media. A film, a zine, and a band.

First, the film. I stumbled upon a 1970 movie called Brewster Mccloud a few years ago, when all the video rental stores were selling video tapes for like 25 cents to make room for the digital video disc medium. With a taste for the supersaturated and tacky, it seemed like a good pick by the cover and description. The film is about a young, reclusive creature named Brewster who resides in a fallout shelter in the astrodome in Huston, Texas. He is building a pair of wings and training his body in an attempt to eventually fly away. This may sound like an iccarus situation, but it's way more neccesary than all of that. His companion Louise cares for him, when he ventures to the outside world where people are oftentimes harsh, racist, and violent. He and Louise are birds trapped in human bodies, essentially. There are wierd car chases, a murder subplot, and a romantic interest (Shelly Duval, who i really love. This was actually her first time in a film.) who leads directly to Brewster's downfall. The movie deals with Human restraints and the things done in an attempt to feel as though we are free. The entire film is cut with another bird trapped in a human body, a professor relating bird life to the human experience - I think this is the best part about it. Out of print, but really worth seeing.

ZINE REVIEW Today I skimmed a zine called "a punk kid walks into a bar." from 1999 or so. Because you'll probably will never encounter it, here are the highlights.

"The thing about Godzilla. Does he hate people? In all the Godzilla movies I've seen, it just seems like he stumbles into the cities by accident, and then simply reacts when people start shooting at him. Poor Guy"

"when looking at someone far away with binoculars and they yawn, it is hard to tell if they are yawning or just very calming and controlledly screaming."

"all of my dreams involve combing my hair" and, aside from that I'm over it.

and finally, this is the band I have been waiting for for quite a while to come into my existence. They were truly ahead of their curve in 1981. I love the whine and candidness of these like neo-beatniks.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How deep is your love?

beegees_1.jpg, originally uploaded by wigibb.

When I was a young kitten, I HATED the bee gees. My mom was always singing along and swooning to these siblings on the radio- and for some reason this upset me. I think as a pup I was unprepared for falsettos, or was not ready for making-love slow ballads. (definitely not!) But all things come full circle, and now i really like the bee gees. The soft piano lines, soft syth, those beautiful harmonies, lines like "I can still feel the glow, let it be let it grow"

Of the same vein, my love is deep for Randy VanWarmer. Thesemi-star is full of awesome 70's cheese and synth. Perhaps many of his jams are Not so much making love, as holding hands and starting at sunsets and camping. He was the dreamy bespectacled underdog on the American charts, with one gold ol' hit that my patron saint Dolly Parton covered.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New house!

Neuschwanstein Castle, originally uploaded by Luiz Pires.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Hey Dreamdate cards,
I hope you're feeling excited about the seasons changing. While I am not, Honestly, I hope you are! The Resume Of Charm brand of behaviors, products, lovemaking, and hijinx will be relocating in the next weeks to Portland, Oregon. This means nothing, really, except the IP I blog from will be different and I'll be giving my zines to people that probably don't already have them. Oh, And I'll make more money with jewelry because people dress better in portland. If you have a catch-all name for your personal industry and stuff, try calling yourself that. It's kind of feels important, like you're more than one kitten.

Check out this flickr group "castles of europe". To jump for joy for! The other night, Craven Rock, of the EAVES OF ASS fame (Get it at Ms. Valerie park) and I read through quite a few zines.

The highlight was the zine "alco-beat".

In it, there is a list of papers you could write in college including

"My life as a swordfish by Bob A. Swordfish" - Geneology, Biology.
"A photograph of my friend lisa on spring break last year. Woooooooooh!" - History of Photography
"The problem with Dictators - Too Bossy" - History

And in a list of things to do:

1. Pee on a cookiesheet and freeze it.
2. Slide Under Landlord's door.

The two authors talk about amusement parks, being drunk rock writers, television, Sex Education films from the 70s and punk rock in China. Seriously, this zine is tops.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No more drunk Resume Of Charm posts

(Seriously. I will be practicing self control and not be posting drunk. It makes me realize How consistent of a person I am, though. Drunk, sober, whatever. I always like the same things and when I make lists they are all really the same. Animals, girls, food, pretty shit)

Hey Kittens, I'm updating from the fine Multnomah county library. Ooooh their dreamy hand-picked zine collection!

Last night I went to Dekum Manor and saw two of the finest portland bands - Tiny Knives and Here comes a big black cloud. Dance party! I took a walk with two puppy friends Teauge and Bri, sang to friends, ate birthday cake, had a sleepover, and this morning drank tea that tasted like spring flowers and slightly psychedelic wallpaper. Played Ukelele-saw romance jams outside of the waypost. Life is good. Things with the living space I was thinking of are now no longer a topic, but I realize this is a very good thing - it will bring better things in the spring! Now I am searching for a temporary nest. It will work out, I know!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Worst Resume of Charm Post EVER

Tonight I went to a zine reading of Eaves of Ass, and Ilse Content. It was so supremely SICK!
I went to the afterparty and I am too stoked.
Why is life so awesome?!

1. Alexis Wolf's zine Ilse content! (Get one at Ms. Valerie park distro!)
2. Jadon's zine, Eaves of ass! (Get one somewhere else!)
3. Garlic is a natural antibiotic - cures sinuses!
4. Moving to Portland!
5. double mint chocolate chip
6. brown eyed girls (for real! So good! I am always writing about pretty things! Girls just happen to be the prettiest things, aside from deer!)
7. When only you and I think it's funny
8. Chris Estey's new zine, GET WELL
9. Synthsation (Seriously the best record ever, or at least I feel that way right now. I did not have a clue ears could have this taste sensation) EPIC
10. The sprint competitions at flowers that make cyclists barf!
11. good dreams
12. oh i'm in love with everyone and everything
13. I am so tired
14. silkworm
15. believing and acting like animals
16. No rules
17. Dance party
18. Total Vacation
19. Fuckin' Eh!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A very serious topic: Bliss

Blissed Out
  • Pronunciation: \ˈblist-ˈat\
  • Function: adjective
  • Date: 1973
  • meaning: ecstacy
  • Synonyms:beatitude, blessedness, euphoria, felicity, gladness, happiness, heaven, joy, paradise, rapture
  • Things that help us to experience bliss: Hearts and buttermilk-cloud addled heads, honesty, the strength to be vulnerable, collecting the pieces of friend's experiences to experience them more abundantly, the disarray of senses, occasionally controlled substances, the grace of communication, positivity, days spent somewhere in between floral bedsheets and complete astonishment at any given moment of awareness.

There are no words to describe what lies ahead but...

No rules! dance party! Total Vacation! Fuckin' eh!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The spell (An Mp3 post)

The spell EP by Makina Girgir

Makina Girgir
is a retro-electro artist from France. I know very little about the artist, but have been listening to their EP and work on the Synthsation compilation for the last few days. (By the way, has anyone noticed i've been catching up on blogging? I've been sick.) and for all things good and holy, thank you for existing with your soft drum kicks, synth and claps.


Makina Girgir - Elapse

Smoke trees, Buy My Zines. (Zine sympsium 2009)

The zine symposium weekend is my favorite working holiday. Sell zines, Trade zines, Buy zines, make friends, See old friends, cuddle with other cute zine-makers behind your table, drool over nice covers, make a lot of noise if you're from seattle, drink a lot of beer and go to lots of parties. That shit is dyoniesian! I always have fun, but this year was made great by the people who attended. Friday was a sort of set-up and make tea-party pleasantries with people. After that, my friend Jadon and I went and saw Tiny Knives, Fleabag, and Scumgrief at The Camel House. We later went to my friend's "I'm leaving portland!" party and danced for a long time. And got lost for an hour or two walking back. Oops! Saturday I mostly sat around my table and felt at home, because my roomates Kinoko and Adam were tabling right next to me. My friend Amina sat with us for a large part of the day. Later, my new friend Matt invited friends over for a party, where I napped with my roomate in a VERY comfortable bed. I then walked to another dear friend's house - Rihanna and Josh, where Amina and Jadon were, and went to sleep. Shh!
Sunday, i got drunk and traded all my zines for other zines. SO MANY GOOD ZINES!

Hustling Sean and Adam Fletch The laughter of like children Mayzie Hart Amusement Jesse Reklaw My table Kinoko yo

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Salty shores and soft words. Zine reviews!

Hello, Kittens! I am not usually thrilled by new earthly objects, but tomorrow I will be obtaining a multi-octave singing saw (thanks mom and dad!) and a schoenhut toy piano from the 1070s (Thanks, craigslist!). The opportunities for music making these two will offer is kind of a joy. I am a saw player, and already have two really nice hardware saws that work well, but oh the range! There are a bunch of bands and electronic artists that I really like that utilize toy pianos...I am VERY attracted to the sounds they create. <3! style="text-align: center;">REVIEW TIME
Zines I have enjoyed as of recent - Most new, some Ancient. Stay tuned for more. I am preening through hundreds of zines from the house I live in - A giant collection grew and was abandoned here the year before I moved in...Oh, to be the proud parent of 1,000 issues of maximum rock and roll and french anarcho leaflets about why cows should'nt be exposed to television! Naw, Actually tons of the zines are quality. So, the few hundred that made it through the initial cut, I will be reading.

And, There was the zine symposium. The next post (perhaps tomorrow) will have more reviews, photos from the week, and some excerpts. I read in a zine once that the best way to review is to let the writing speak for itself.

John Issacson
John Issacson 3613 SE 10th Ave Pdx, OR 97202
johnissacson at hotmail dot com
John goes to punk shows and writes four panel comics about them. As he says "When sweaty, half naked teenagers are feverishly making out in a crazy pit between songs and the first band has not even finished their set, you know you are at an all ages show"
John makes me smile. His drawings are rad.

So Midwest

Luran Truckface
LBj4prez at hotmail dot com
I found this zine in the Outhaus closet. I'm in love with this zine. The writer, Luran Truckface, worked for an unnamed health food chain. Luran mostly writes about things in relation to work in ways that make me laugh and shudder. college, Crazy roomates, co-workers, touring, parties, iguanas, people of the past, body traumas (In various forms) and serious snark.

"I am a really bad person. Sometimes I get angry when Lucas looks at me. It makes me hate him. He looks at me and I see he's in love and I hate him for liking me as a woman, I become disguested with his heterosexuality, his enjoyment of my Body. I think it is not right for me to be so frigid and nonsexual. Maybe I am not meant to be with him or a man or anyone. I am meant to be alone. I'll take ten miniutes and I'll stop feeling nauseous."

Grrl Noire
Kim Riot
PO box 33654 San Diego, CA 92116
hexestarr at yahoo dot com
Sometimes this is the only zine I care about. The layout and artwork selected are always STUNNING. And the stories and thoughts shared are always very candid - sometimes with stress, others with wonder. There is often an easy-to-relate to stream of conciousness , #7 rang out on love of music, beauty standards, Mental health month, confidence, television, cellular telephones, routine, and more. ANY of her zines are super good, though.

"Why do I miss snow so much? Maybe I have good memories associated with snow or it reminds me of my childhood or something."
"Back then, I was 25. Here, ten years later, should I be worried that my partner will leave me because I've aged that much more?"

Delphine Bedient
Peep The Zine
peepthezine at gmail dot com

I need to say Zine crush five times fast. Peep has a pretty expansive catalog - fifteen or sixteen issues at least. I traded Delphine for two of them, one under recommendation and one by closing my eyes and capturing one off the table. I have #8 and #15. Each issue is but a few pages long, but OH! the charm in the brevity and lightheartedness. Wonderful clip art and images, collages of items often overlooked.
"peep is an unfinished Mad Lib. Peep is your mother's jewelry box. Peep is the boxes in your attic"

Useful things abound! French phrases, poems, centerfolds, recipes, histories of things in a quarter page or less.
I'm going to order them ALL and give them a tiny box of their own in my zine library.


Mayzie Hart
mayzface at gmail dot com

Mayzie is a total dreamcloud of a zine writer. She writes zine about EVERYTHING. They are precious, unabashedly feminine, and above all - really really fun to read and look at. She talks about fashion, Kanye west, sewing shit, whatever. Rad backgrounds and collages.

Her latest zine "Liberal Myth" takes on a topic totally unique to the zine world, I believe - Pole dancing for confidence, excersize, and sport. She discusses the relationship with her body as it has changed over years. Highly reccomended!

Resume of charm project #12

With an address provided, I will mail out as many post cards as are requested. A list of lovely things will be sent - and I will hope for one in return! The postcard lists will be compiled for a portion of the issue. It makes me excited just thinking about what could be on those cards.

Resume of charm #12 will be the issue of all things truly beautiful, explosive, natural and kind. I have always been obsessed with lists. (Thus my attraction to the zine "list" by Ramsey Everydaypants) Lists have generally been latest interests, and nice things in general, emotions and growing things. Growing like plants and inside heads. I recently re-printed copies of a zine I did when thirteen - "bright eyes." Inside it were:

Cassie's Casio, Sanrio's Deery Lou, Blowing Kisses, Driving your mom's minivan (If you're a teenage boy*), Science fair, Catcher In The Rye, Harper Lee, Sleepover Parties with makeup and everything, Six Cents and Natalie, Kitties in Baskets
* pretty stupid, but probably the only person I knew who could drive

coming on a ten year anniversary, i just giggle and smile. Things are just as simple, now.

Now my list is something like

Singing saws, deer, honey, feathers, soft drugs, pretty girls in pretty dresses, harm reduction, roller skates, swans, calves, cold cold creeks, rainbows, crafts, understanding my body, dreaming about the idea of home, oh oh oh oh oh swooning.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Semenya's Race and Sex Struggle

"But the reality is that Semenya may be neither “boy” nor “girl,” or could be both. And who cares? It happens. Our social certainty about the male-female divide is not supported by biology. As Northwestern University bioethics professor Alice Dreger told the New York Times last week, “As I like to say, ‘Humans like categories neat, but nature is a slob.’ ”

Children are routinely born with cellular variation on the XX and XY chromosome sets that define boy and girl status. Hormone levels vary, too, as do the secondary traits we associate with a given sex. People have large, protruding clitorises; scrotums divided such that they look like labia; inactive hormone receptors and on and on. Anywhere from 1 in 1,500 to 1 in 2,000 births require specialists to assign a child’s sex, according to the Intersex Society of North America. After these assignments are made, cruel plastic surgeries to “correct” perfectly natural physical variations are often performed for no medical purpose whatsoever. Kids are mutilated to ensure they fit comfortably inside our mythical gender boxes."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i just thought you should know

bright leaves, originally uploaded by Rodeo!.

that i care a lot.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We get religion

Picture 052, originally uploaded by dropacat.

At mutant fest, We need our souls to be free to question.

Are we overcome by the power of love?

Are we family, Watershoes?

We are free!

Friday, May 22, 2009


THE BEST SHOW EVER!, originally uploaded by killthewhitenoise.

Come and see the band I just joined with my friend Finn and April. Yeah!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

call me hard up, or hopeless.

Light it up, let it go.
Rub me down,

Sean Na Na - Tumour Party (mp3)

Sean Na Na has been one of my favorite music projects of the last dozen years. It's a full band now, but Let's focus on Sean Na Na himself. He's been touring for at least a dozen years under various monikers including Har Mar Superstar, and was part of the noise outfit Calvin Krime. Sean Tillman's voice is one thing I can almost guarantee will calm me down . As rue-ridden as his songs can be, there's something like gently woven cotton in his voice through tales of partying taken too far and friends lost. The 2007 album "family trees or, Cope we must" is generally more positive, and is a delightful installment to any workweek listening habits. Unnamed reviews in print and internet ruled against the perfectly produced piece of power pop magic. Power pop or go to bed.

There's a competition within this post. If you can listen to this song on repeat for at least one hour, You will win a set of two spoke cards, a map of Ontario and maybe my heart. I have actually had it on for two hours. If you want to listen to it
with me, that's even better.

This song is good for
1. Murcurial evenings when everything seems wierd and any unfamiliar songs would be way too much to handle
2. Mornings where the prospect of breathing and seeing anything or anyone outside of bed is completely
unnerving (it kind of makes things easier)
3. Writing
4. analyzing any dishonesty to one's self
5. substance misusing yourself to a tumor

are you still pushing joints, or into the hard stuff now?
Either way, I'm going to need them all
to get through one more spell of dizziness

i'm just too scared to find out what the real problem is

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swallowing hard to contain every sparkle of every morning

Justa Louise Marie Phillips and myself
Hey kittens, I've not written much in a long time. I just got back from Portland, once again. Saturday was a Stay Safe Seattle Benefit at West Seattle's Youngstown cultural center. Stay safe seattle is an amazing organization focusing on harm reduction and information for the electronic music community. Powerful and important. Local favourite artists played including Graz, DJ Jimni Cricket (Sigh!) and Foxdye. Unfortunately, I only made it for the tail-end (meow) of Jimni Cricket's set and for Amina Foxdye.

Saturday night I get a ride from the Benefit down to Portland, where the Black Rose Infoshop was having a benefit party and show, where New Band Tiny Knives played an AMAZING first show.

Sunday was spent drank-ing coffee with my friends Justa, Jai and Shirt and went to a Pinball Tournament my friend Ben was in (My friend took third, by the way.) After every tournament round, I would play the Free Replays. Later, Coffee with Justa, Gin with Emily and lots of rose-fragranced sleep. Oh, Spring, Oh friendship, Oh dear.
i always think this spring will be the last
Monday was spent in slow indulgences, fresh mushrooms, lengthy walks and charming companionship. We love you, Portland! Now it's back to seattle. At least we have a beach to listen to Roger Miller around a campfire on. Kevvy and I had a long talk on our drive home. He says he's going to appreciate girls wearing cream coloured clothes, I'm going to wear my falling in love braids and attitude every day. YEAH SPRING!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Part of a forthcoming book on birds

it's offical, Resume of charm will release a bird book!

Now as you eat, don't think of the one you love.

Hey resume of charm readers. Thanks for reading this if you are. It feels nice. Sorry about a personal post. YEAH! I took a trip to Portland from thursday over the weekend. Magic sure did happen. There was Kazoo jamming, radical doodling, hearts so filled with friends that my veins glittered, waffles and strawberries galore, haunted coffee, long walks, Laurelhurst park in the wee hours, postering for the SEATTLE SKILL SHARE! That is happening this weekend. I went to an Underwear and socks party, and even a burning man people dubstep flavoured party. Regretably, I could not do that and also ride the Midnight Mystery Ride. I played lots of pinball and slept in a lot. I cuddled with some I-5 corridor cuties and snuck in some high fives. Some really important conversations came up, and I learned how to deal with some of my anxieties over asking for favors from friends. I also was reminded that people deal with their stress in different ways, and taking it personally is usually counter-productive.

Some of you kittens may be aware that I am attempting the steps of relocation - planning to purchase a school bus and convert it to my home, potentially staying in Olympia for a few months but eventually nesting in Portland. The whole thing frightens me, but this is a city I feel is loosing a portion of it's once playful nature and affordability - but I love it more than I can express. There are friends there and a community i need to connect with. I'm not ready, but I'm aiming for the autumn. Even writing this down makes me shaky. I want to take all of my close friends with me...Too bad Portland's bus system is a piece of crumb cake.

OK! Here's some photos.

Lolita glasses, Bling and a pinball from my friend Ben

My friends are the lost hot kids. (Amina, Belau, Julia Grofrer)

The day after Dogwater days - a two day festival for DJ dogwater's birthday.

uhhhh more later

Monday, February 23, 2009

No more microhouse today kids.

Today is a day of rest. We listen to minihouse music and hang out with my mom.
I lament the loss of Kendra, Bridget and Holly from the "Girl's Next Door". More power to the ladies for moving on and out of an opressive situation...but most people have a questionable pleasure? I like the girl's next door a lot; the one reality show where everyone is nice and sweet and girlish.(Even if i inherently think the concept is kinda gross, and playboy never gave me anything but Little redheaded Annie comics in the 70's...and Bridgette Marquiat.) There are petite dogs, fluffy cats, frilled lingerie and birthday parties abound. Holly and Bridgette are also of great intelligence. It was a show i could giggle at, enjoy for the overly pink aestetics, and the overall harmlessness of the hijinx. Geeze Kendra, talk about breaking up the band. I'm pretty sure reality television will never be this nice ever again.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Meowlentines!

Romance cards, originally uploaded by Rodeo!.


And also, Sarah Haskins addresses chocolate.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

she would smile and i felt it all over the floor

This week's crush

Dan Friedman's "well, said the rocking chair" has been the Resume Of Charm offical cheese for the week. Watch this awesome Top of the pops video, and watch his adorable facial expressions when he says "I may not be all that bright, but I know how to hold you tight" Awwwww!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vainilla Apprecciation post

K-FOX, originally uploaded by granizado de vainilla.

She is an amazing broken gameboy pop artist, and also one of the freshest, confusing, and sometimes filthy artists around.

Top on my lists of Artists to take E with.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dogwater dayz at the exploding house! I'll be playing on the seventh with the booty bumping team. YEAH DOGWATER.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009