Friday, October 2, 2009

Marmoset there will be days like this, there will be days like this my marmoset.

I know i've been blogging more, it's just that I can't put mp3 and video into a zine. And i would never put things this trivial on paper. It is fun, though.

And really, this is easier to communicate the trivialities of my tastes.

I can gush about how much i love my bandmates, fin and april
how much i will miss my seattle job
how much i am into disco falsetto
my empty bedroom of two years
unicorn stitch
the collapse
period stains and dirt footprints on my mattress

There is a MARMOSET loose in the University district (not a joke, his name is Rafiki and he weighs around a pound. He was wearing a baby blue diaper when we went AWOL.)
There a signs in plastic all around, so it's really not a joke.
I did find an animal rights pamphlet in my stockpile of zines and ALF propaganda a day or so after the signs appeared, with a marmoset screaming on the front. It's a totally horrifying image, but it allows me to fully know what i should be looking for.
Very tiny.

Also, My friend Rosa Lazzarini has an art show up at the deerborn house.

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