Monday, October 26, 2009

With love, from PDX.

Hello, Hello Resume of charmers.
I'm in the fabulous multnomah county library Belmont branch, doing a portland favourite activity - looking for work.

This week i have done many things, and had a couple minor breakdowns. Luckily, i am in wonderful health and can remember that I am not alone, and not an Island. Neither are you. Things will certainly even out.

Today I made tea with Mullien, Nettle, and Chickory root. Good for tiny congestions!

A long walk in the sun that has recently come out, sleeping in my new attic wonderplace, reading "we're going to see the beatles!" (An oral history of Beatlemania as told by the fans who were there) and issues of the wonderful art magazing Mome.
This weekend

1. Long, langourous times staring into lawns still green resisting winter
2. Seeing "Jizz Wizard", an amazing electrofunk band in a flooding basement

3. Went to a Benefit Show for the Elliot Free state, Where the band Slow Teeth played. Super show, and for more information about the Elliot Free state check out
4. Went to an ambient noise party at The Watershed, embroidered, got stressed, remembered the healing nature of forests and being alone.
5. Spent three hours making breakfast, played pinball, drank raw goat milk, Talked in bed with a friend for hours.
6. Listened to the rain in bed for hours.
7. Happy Mushroom Season
8. Very nesseccary tears
9. current sounds: 1910 fruitgum company, New Mountain Goats Album, Letters & If It ain't breakfast don't fix it, Shirley Brown
10. I have a draft you can fix.
11. Remembering, there's very little that nature can't fix. (even if you ain't got no money.)

The portland libraries are so good
Tomorrow at the North Portland Library, zinesters of THE EMPIRE BUILDER and FREE BOX THE MAGAZINE are talking. 6:30-7:45
512 N. Killingsworth
I'll be there, will you care to join me?

Hope you are in best health and are finding friends to hold while it gets cold
Danielle Rodeo Warhola

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