Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now as you eat, don't think of the one you love.

Hey resume of charm readers. Thanks for reading this if you are. It feels nice. Sorry about a personal post. YEAH! I took a trip to Portland from thursday over the weekend. Magic sure did happen. There was Kazoo jamming, radical doodling, hearts so filled with friends that my veins glittered, waffles and strawberries galore, haunted coffee, long walks, Laurelhurst park in the wee hours, postering for the SEATTLE SKILL SHARE! That is happening this weekend. I went to an Underwear and socks party, and even a burning man people dubstep flavoured party. Regretably, I could not do that and also ride the Midnight Mystery Ride. I played lots of pinball and slept in a lot. I cuddled with some I-5 corridor cuties and snuck in some high fives. Some really important conversations came up, and I learned how to deal with some of my anxieties over asking for favors from friends. I also was reminded that people deal with their stress in different ways, and taking it personally is usually counter-productive.

Some of you kittens may be aware that I am attempting the steps of relocation - planning to purchase a school bus and convert it to my home, potentially staying in Olympia for a few months but eventually nesting in Portland. The whole thing frightens me, but this is a city I feel is loosing a portion of it's once playful nature and affordability - but I love it more than I can express. There are friends there and a community i need to connect with. I'm not ready, but I'm aiming for the autumn. Even writing this down makes me shaky. I want to take all of my close friends with me...Too bad Portland's bus system is a piece of crumb cake.

OK! Here's some photos.

Lolita glasses, Bling and a pinball from my friend Ben

My friends are the lost hot kids. (Amina, Belau, Julia Grofrer)

The day after Dogwater days - a two day festival for DJ dogwater's birthday.

uhhhh more later

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