Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New house!

Neuschwanstein Castle, originally uploaded by Luiz Pires.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Hey Dreamdate cards,
I hope you're feeling excited about the seasons changing. While I am not, Honestly, I hope you are! The Resume Of Charm brand of behaviors, products, lovemaking, and hijinx will be relocating in the next weeks to Portland, Oregon. This means nothing, really, except the IP I blog from will be different and I'll be giving my zines to people that probably don't already have them. Oh, And I'll make more money with jewelry because people dress better in portland. If you have a catch-all name for your personal industry and stuff, try calling yourself that. It's kind of feels important, like you're more than one kitten.

Check out this flickr group "castles of europe". To jump for joy for! The other night, Craven Rock, of the EAVES OF ASS fame (Get it at Ms. Valerie park) and I read through quite a few zines.

The highlight was the zine "alco-beat".

In it, there is a list of papers you could write in college including

"My life as a swordfish by Bob A. Swordfish" - Geneology, Biology.
"A photograph of my friend lisa on spring break last year. Woooooooooh!" - History of Photography
"The problem with Dictators - Too Bossy" - History

And in a list of things to do:

1. Pee on a cookiesheet and freeze it.
2. Slide Under Landlord's door.

The two authors talk about amusement parks, being drunk rock writers, television, Sex Education films from the 70s and punk rock in China. Seriously, this zine is tops.

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