Monday, September 14, 2009

Worst Resume of Charm Post EVER

Tonight I went to a zine reading of Eaves of Ass, and Ilse Content. It was so supremely SICK!
I went to the afterparty and I am too stoked.
Why is life so awesome?!

1. Alexis Wolf's zine Ilse content! (Get one at Ms. Valerie park distro!)
2. Jadon's zine, Eaves of ass! (Get one somewhere else!)
3. Garlic is a natural antibiotic - cures sinuses!
4. Moving to Portland!
5. double mint chocolate chip
6. brown eyed girls (for real! So good! I am always writing about pretty things! Girls just happen to be the prettiest things, aside from deer!)
7. When only you and I think it's funny
8. Chris Estey's new zine, GET WELL
9. Synthsation (Seriously the best record ever, or at least I feel that way right now. I did not have a clue ears could have this taste sensation) EPIC
10. The sprint competitions at flowers that make cyclists barf!
11. good dreams
12. oh i'm in love with everyone and everything
13. I am so tired
14. silkworm
15. believing and acting like animals
16. No rules
17. Dance party
18. Total Vacation
19. Fuckin' Eh!

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