Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No more drunk Resume Of Charm posts

(Seriously. I will be practicing self control and not be posting drunk. It makes me realize How consistent of a person I am, though. Drunk, sober, whatever. I always like the same things and when I make lists they are all really the same. Animals, girls, food, pretty shit)

Hey Kittens, I'm updating from the fine Multnomah county library. Ooooh their dreamy hand-picked zine collection!

Last night I went to Dekum Manor and saw two of the finest portland bands - Tiny Knives and Here comes a big black cloud. Dance party! I took a walk with two puppy friends Teauge and Bri, sang to friends, ate birthday cake, had a sleepover, and this morning drank tea that tasted like spring flowers and slightly psychedelic wallpaper. Played Ukelele-saw romance jams outside of the waypost. Life is good. Things with the living space I was thinking of are now no longer a topic, but I realize this is a very good thing - it will bring better things in the spring! Now I am searching for a temporary nest. It will work out, I know!

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