Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Resume of charm project #12

With an address provided, I will mail out as many post cards as are requested. A list of lovely things will be sent - and I will hope for one in return! The postcard lists will be compiled for a portion of the issue. It makes me excited just thinking about what could be on those cards.

Resume of charm #12 will be the issue of all things truly beautiful, explosive, natural and kind. I have always been obsessed with lists. (Thus my attraction to the zine "list" by Ramsey Everydaypants) Lists have generally been latest interests, and nice things in general, emotions and growing things. Growing like plants and inside heads. I recently re-printed copies of a zine I did when thirteen - "bright eyes." Inside it were:

Cassie's Casio, Sanrio's Deery Lou, Blowing Kisses, Driving your mom's minivan (If you're a teenage boy*), Science fair, Catcher In The Rye, Harper Lee, Sleepover Parties with makeup and everything, Six Cents and Natalie, Kitties in Baskets
* pretty stupid, but probably the only person I knew who could drive

coming on a ten year anniversary, i just giggle and smile. Things are just as simple, now.

Now my list is something like

Singing saws, deer, honey, feathers, soft drugs, pretty girls in pretty dresses, harm reduction, roller skates, swans, calves, cold cold creeks, rainbows, crafts, understanding my body, dreaming about the idea of home, oh oh oh oh oh swooning.

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