Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smoke trees, Buy My Zines. (Zine sympsium 2009)

The zine symposium weekend is my favorite working holiday. Sell zines, Trade zines, Buy zines, make friends, See old friends, cuddle with other cute zine-makers behind your table, drool over nice covers, make a lot of noise if you're from seattle, drink a lot of beer and go to lots of parties. That shit is dyoniesian! I always have fun, but this year was made great by the people who attended. Friday was a sort of set-up and make tea-party pleasantries with people. After that, my friend Jadon and I went and saw Tiny Knives, Fleabag, and Scumgrief at The Camel House. We later went to my friend's "I'm leaving portland!" party and danced for a long time. And got lost for an hour or two walking back. Oops! Saturday I mostly sat around my table and felt at home, because my roomates Kinoko and Adam were tabling right next to me. My friend Amina sat with us for a large part of the day. Later, my new friend Matt invited friends over for a party, where I napped with my roomate in a VERY comfortable bed. I then walked to another dear friend's house - Rihanna and Josh, where Amina and Jadon were, and went to sleep. Shh!
Sunday, i got drunk and traded all my zines for other zines. SO MANY GOOD ZINES!

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