Saturday, September 26, 2009

How deep is your love?

beegees_1.jpg, originally uploaded by wigibb.

When I was a young kitten, I HATED the bee gees. My mom was always singing along and swooning to these siblings on the radio- and for some reason this upset me. I think as a pup I was unprepared for falsettos, or was not ready for making-love slow ballads. (definitely not!) But all things come full circle, and now i really like the bee gees. The soft piano lines, soft syth, those beautiful harmonies, lines like "I can still feel the glow, let it be let it grow"

Of the same vein, my love is deep for Randy VanWarmer. Thesemi-star is full of awesome 70's cheese and synth. Perhaps many of his jams are Not so much making love, as holding hands and starting at sunsets and camping. He was the dreamy bespectacled underdog on the American charts, with one gold ol' hit that my patron saint Dolly Parton covered.

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