Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Swoon-core december (things to be overcome and undone by)

A new Resume of charm post, thanks to my charming roomate Wesley, for allowing me to use his computer. December has been off to an amazing start, having awesome dreams, adventures with heart friends, reading awesome books (Women and water, Menustration and Jewish Law. Vintage valentines, The book of The saints) and, believe it or not awesome, working at a rad toystore downtown. (mostly cutting stickers off of strips! fun!) and tonight, making crafts and catching up on blogging. To do so, we'll start with Polka Dot Dot Dot, the magical trio hailing from around the country. Their show at Rontoms in portland was so tight , and i'm dying to see them once more. (not to mention that we all had an awesome sleepover, and decadent breakfast the next day!) Go see them at their midwest and southern dates.

I reccomend listening to "nijewel" on their site, my favourite track of the album, syzygy, might be one of the most swoonworthy songs of all time. (and then the cosmos coalesced, in a starflecked sweater vest. You told me your name, it came from men who made trains, and i was wide eyed. You told me the ground, is where the rail got that sound, and I was undone)

Also, dearest Amina Foxdye just released the third issue of her zine, Sugar and Heartstrings. Totally reccomended! Go ahead and order it from my favourite distro, Ms. Valerie park.

Tomorrow, In art, during portland's first thursday, There is a faux rock poster show at Floating World comics. Many awesome artists are hanging, and of the few i've seen, the posters are swell.

And finally, my band Overcome By The Power Of Love has a few recordings posted, which we will have a huge release party in seattle, and hopefully portland for.

My advice; get a friend to hold, it's sunny here, but certainly chillier.

Shine on,
Danielle Warhola

And signing out, one of time's nicest songs, and how i am feeling very frequently.

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