Sunday, May 3, 2009

call me hard up, or hopeless.

Light it up, let it go.
Rub me down,

Sean Na Na - Tumour Party (mp3)

Sean Na Na has been one of my favorite music projects of the last dozen years. It's a full band now, but Let's focus on Sean Na Na himself. He's been touring for at least a dozen years under various monikers including Har Mar Superstar, and was part of the noise outfit Calvin Krime. Sean Tillman's voice is one thing I can almost guarantee will calm me down . As rue-ridden as his songs can be, there's something like gently woven cotton in his voice through tales of partying taken too far and friends lost. The 2007 album "family trees or, Cope we must" is generally more positive, and is a delightful installment to any workweek listening habits. Unnamed reviews in print and internet ruled against the perfectly produced piece of power pop magic. Power pop or go to bed.

There's a competition within this post. If you can listen to this song on repeat for at least one hour, You will win a set of two spoke cards, a map of Ontario and maybe my heart. I have actually had it on for two hours. If you want to listen to it
with me, that's even better.

This song is good for
1. Murcurial evenings when everything seems wierd and any unfamiliar songs would be way too much to handle
2. Mornings where the prospect of breathing and seeing anything or anyone outside of bed is completely
unnerving (it kind of makes things easier)
3. Writing
4. analyzing any dishonesty to one's self
5. substance misusing yourself to a tumor

are you still pushing joints, or into the hard stuff now?
Either way, I'm going to need them all
to get through one more spell of dizziness

i'm just too scared to find out what the real problem is

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