Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swallowing hard to contain every sparkle of every morning

Justa Louise Marie Phillips and myself
Hey kittens, I've not written much in a long time. I just got back from Portland, once again. Saturday was a Stay Safe Seattle Benefit at West Seattle's Youngstown cultural center. Stay safe seattle is an amazing organization focusing on harm reduction and information for the electronic music community. Powerful and important. Local favourite artists played including Graz, DJ Jimni Cricket (Sigh!) and Foxdye. Unfortunately, I only made it for the tail-end (meow) of Jimni Cricket's set and for Amina Foxdye.

Saturday night I get a ride from the Benefit down to Portland, where the Black Rose Infoshop was having a benefit party and show, where New Band Tiny Knives played an AMAZING first show.

Sunday was spent drank-ing coffee with my friends Justa, Jai and Shirt and went to a Pinball Tournament my friend Ben was in (My friend took third, by the way.) After every tournament round, I would play the Free Replays. Later, Coffee with Justa, Gin with Emily and lots of rose-fragranced sleep. Oh, Spring, Oh friendship, Oh dear.
i always think this spring will be the last
Monday was spent in slow indulgences, fresh mushrooms, lengthy walks and charming companionship. We love you, Portland! Now it's back to seattle. At least we have a beach to listen to Roger Miller around a campfire on. Kevvy and I had a long talk on our drive home. He says he's going to appreciate girls wearing cream coloured clothes, I'm going to wear my falling in love braids and attitude every day. YEAH SPRING!

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