Sunday, November 8, 2009


This has been a serious weekend.

About this I am
seriously tired

1. Negative Bulge art show at ZFloating work comics, Kinoko, Luke Ramsey, Sean Christanson Awesome but true. 2. Craft time 3. Crafting with Julia and Brodie, Sean and Baby Frank. Brussels sprouts, naming most countries in the world in 15 miniutes. 4. Tigercore with the H8ers, Carney Jerkwater, Rockhausen and MC foxdyE/ MC Billy Mays 5. Super sleepy morning embraces and heart to hearts. 6. Making breakfast with a half dozen friends 7. More super sleepy times 8. Wanting to sleep hella 9. Chopped and screwed until all hours. More hanging out. 10. More hanging out. 11. More garden variety hanging out. 12. More of the same. 13. good night and remember that you have a Danielle warhola who loves you.

And I will now remember, I have absolutely nothing to fear.

And like slick summer in it's finest green wetness, slip with a smile in very little clothing.

Kiss awkwardly
Collect swine flu points
get stoked

check in where a heart is at
it's exactly as you left it. Good.

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