Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brother vs. sister!

Brother vs. sister!, originally uploaded by Rodeo!.

The Rodeo fox-boxing ring at the powfox blog party! Brother bear vs. sister coyote! The ring was a knock-out with six rounds of riled up unicorns, honeybears, pandas, parrots, bunnies, and wolves! <3 The only really scary thing was that the sound system and awesome DJS (M'chateau and Kinoko!) were super close to the wild animals! Thanks to Powfox + Free Sheep Foundation for bringing the dance party and the spectators to see the fights. Thanks to Team Nerd for the zookeeping skills, MC Firedrill for the mad tape skills, Sterling snow for the glamour and glitter, and all the boxers - Will, Nahal, Trina, Derek, Timothy, Fazad, Wyatt, Kinoko, and cute mystery girl on the prarie, your name I forgot!


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