Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beetseeka + Rodeo

I'll take the left, originally uploaded by Rodeo, Meow..

One night about a week ago, my pal BEETSEEKA called me and was like "Yo, can I come over and use your paint and paint a mural for a prom-style photobooth for Bonkers (Which is really fun original electronic music night)?" and I said, OKAY! He came over around one and we painted on a giant sheet until about five thirty.

And the next night, we took pictures in front of it and I got drunk and danced to Red Pony and Power Mitten. I love it! But we were happy because I made a baby deer named Baby Dough and Beetseeka made Grandpa cloud, upper left hand. Yes!

We love you, grandfather cloud!

Also, I wanna give you some cheesy but also cute and sassy electronics to take you on your sexy end of summer evenings. (By the way, I love having breakfast over happy hardcore.)

B-Laze - It's

And, of of my favorite chiptune tracks of all time, By Random. It's called Stiges savepoint, and It's pretty epic. Random is from Sweden. Yep.

Random - Stiges Savepoint

My eye has a twitch!

I think It's all the love in the air!

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