Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tender Loving Empire!

I love tender loving empire! I went to their "birthday Party" a few months ago in portland, at a bar that had a name I can't remember! It was nice. I saw a band with a line that said "You still laugh in your sleep, I take that Seriously" and I thought about it a lot, because I laugh and cry and talk in my sleep. And They were just grand. I also saw a band of teens called Southern Belle.

So anyway, at the Portland Zine Symposium I sat across from the Tender Loving Empire table. Jared and Brianne were both very nice, and they gave me a sticker with a baby horse on it. I like stickers. Anyway, I was all "So, what's that song that goes..." and I sang a little for jared. He says, It's on this, but it's remixed. And I said "I want the real thing."

So, Here's the real thing. Go to and maybe buy a cd because this is pure silver and sparkle shine.

Jared Mees and the Grown Children - The Tallest Building In Hell

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