Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Up all night

Up all night, originally uploaded by Rodeo!.

Well, fall is upon us. Illness, quiet times, and also weather that makes small girls cry. BUT! There are also bike races, puppies, and late morning in-bed reading sessions that make it all worth it. plus, apple cider, costumes, and feverish knitting by people who know how.

As this is an all media blog, I went to see a few movies in the last few weeks.

1. Mr. Foe
This is a scottish film. I love seeing movies alone, getting the small popcorn, and sniffling. There is no feeling of emotional release i get that mirrors baking in the glow of the screen to some indulgent, precious, indie film. (although i was lachrymose through the sing-along version of mama mia) I like the movies where boys cry and everyone has to run around picking up pieces of their adorably calculated, condensed-personality lives, and where everything falls apart not so suddenly because i, the viewer, saw it coming like water over a clogged kitchen sink. I usually start bawling during the previews and if the movie has enough cute dialouge, i'll keep going until far after the credits.

That said, I saw some previews that really owned my eveing.

A comic/comingof age film featuring an awkward and beautiful young boy (If you know me, this is my genre.) named hallam foe lamenting the death of his mother and also becoming voyeristically obsessed with his stepmother, ever though he hates her because he thinks she murdered his mother. He draws lots of cute pictures, and has lots of emotionally charged photos, etcetera. He's cute. Anyway, he runs away to the city after having some crazy one time affair with his stepmom and becomes obsessed (it's his thing)with the woman who hires him at a hotel, he spies on her, hearts are broken, hands are held, awkward "love" is consumated. i cannot stop sobbing much to the chagrin of all the other people seeing this movie alone on a friday night. Four paws up, it's not as creepy as it sounds.

I also saw the Oliver stone george bush movie. I cried more during the previews, because the preview for "Happy go lucky" came on again. God, that woman just seems so happy. I want to make people as happy as she seems. I felt sorry for george bush and trapped in a hopeless, sensationalized political world of process. I'd rather have watched the doors movie again. But, a packed theater during a tuesday matinee made me feel a wierd sense of community, like the NPR piece asking people "Why aren't you at work?" and everyone they ask is like "why are you at work?" and the rest of the city shrugs.

Also, Piece By Piece - San Fransisco graffiti.
This movie was awesome, 83-93 is the best chapter thereof, all these group bus-tagging excursions on film. They cut out the chapters of girls and an awesome queer political artist, who goes by the name "Heart" and "Sink the ship" who i've love to take out on their skills, smarts, and apparent...heart. Lots of namedropping, and included are two hours of the interviewed folks painting their various pieces. It was pretty neat how they sorta differentied the LA / San Fran / outlying area styles. Also, the best crew name ever. US. UNDENIABLE SICKNESS!