Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Letters + Twig Palace tour!

Hey delicate nettles,
I've been with limited internet and with heavy shoulders of work to be done, sun to be snagged as soon as it can be, hearing love trampling my ears and ending up in the distant parts of my winterchasing flying squirrel injecting dream self, playing with trinkets. Two nights ago I compounded earthly things into a suitcase or two to head out for adventures with bands and friends around the country. I'll be playing music and touring with with the lovechild projects of Colleen Johnson (Twig Palace) and Joshua James Amberson (Letters), Amina Kirby (DJ Foxdye). It's such an honor to play with all of them on this tour. We've not had too long to work together, but it's starting to come together, bells and buckets in my basement. I'll be playing with my other blessed trio,
Overcome By The Power of Love
This saturday at

Info later, I guess.

Here's the tour dates with Letters and Twig Palace

April 28 - Tacoma
8:00 Greg’s House w/ Letters, Takhoma, Clash Valian 4107 S. 7th St. Tacoma WA 98405, Tacoma, Washington
April 29 - Seattle
The Bread Factory
Terrordactyls, Sundance Kids
May 1 - Olympia
Pine Knot Box
May 2
May 3
DAVIS @ the Persimmon House w/ Letters, DJ Poppet
May 4
OAKLAND tba w/ Letters, Wisdom Tooth, Maple Rabbit, Tall Grass
May 5
ISLA VISTA @ Biko Co-op w/ Letters, Daniel Francis Doyle, Ketchup
May 6
LOS ANGELES @ Historical Monument 157 w/ Whitman, Letters LOS ANGELES, California
May 7
PHOENIX @ The Trunk Space w/ Letters, Stephen Steinbrink
May 9
ALBUQUERQUE New Mexico@ Winnings w/ Letters
May 11
SANTA FE tba w/ Letters SANTA FE, New Mexico
May 12
LUBBOCK @ Bash’s w/ Letters
May 13
AUSTIN tba w/ Letters AUSTIN, Texas
May 14

Actually, go here for the updated and Return (We drop off the heart of twig palace and make our way as letters.)

See you all over this spring, darlings!

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