Thursday, December 9, 2010

The band I most regret missing live

As a wee pre-teen and early so electronic music fan, it was Aqua and Toy-box at the top of my list. I heard one song from the album searching for info about Aqua, and begged my mom to special order from Denmark via a music store it for me - knowing this music was harmless enough! Although i caught some innuendos and was nervous to have my mother hear all the tracks (lucky for her)- i look back and can't believe how tame and sweet it all was. King of awkward videos, bouncy beats and saccharine vocals...shaped me forever. I still listen to toy box's second album almost weekly, all these theme songs..secret agents, Arabian nights, wizard of oz, any pirates you like. I wish I had seen this band more than any other act. More than Blatz, Crayon, Dolly Parton or Foxdye + the Baron...even more than any of those acts. I envision a stadium full of screaming teenage Danes, Anila and Amir on stage, and me standing there bawling my eyes out. I heard there may be some new tunes out at some point...and hopefully a reunion tour. I will fly to Denmark.

Also, I wanna talk about Aqua a little. I thought Soren Rasted was so cool. I thought he and Lene Should be lovers, and I'm not sure why I thought that. I always used to want eurodance stars to be lovers with each other - an years later, they are! Now I've been in lots of bands and realize it's not all it's cracked up to be! I also had a crush on that musical genius, Soren. When many girls were loving n'sync, backstreet boys and stone cold steve austin, I wanted this guy and this girl:

I did learn recently that Anila changed her name to Aneela. Not a big change, but is it for love of a very special substance that makes toy box sound extra special? Who knows but Aneela.

Go chica, Get Banana! Hey Monkey, get funky.
Here's my Bubblegum/Eurodance Youtube Playlist - Enjoy all the Toy-box videos and other fine European delights.

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I'm not a big fan of Christmas - but here's a snarky little Aqua song, about plastic snow twinkle lights and that Wham! song that damaged your head. I love the part where Rene Dif as Santa Claus is being consoled by his bandmates.

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iiii fucking love/loved aqua.