Friday, May 11, 2012

A few zine reviews

Sweet Heart Sweet Rot
Lily Kerson, 2011
A thin pink quarter size with cute ghosts on the cover, inside the theme seemingly tied together with twine; just a little spookiness that rolls around inside one's self. a few pictures, doodles, quotes, and a short tale about a visit to a psychic. Very nice.
I Guess I mostly think That if people were more willing to acknowledge the dark and scary sides of life, not to mention the inevitability of death, the world would be a better place.

Neurotic Musings on Love, Death, Magic, Astronomy, and learning how to be brave in Kapitalist America
Jane AppleSauce

A super cute, posi, and sentimental zine filled with doodles, friendcrush letters, words on friendship and infinite love, moving to seattle, realizing better ways to live and have relationships, and dying. Apparently, this amazing person may also be starting a zine distro - bring it on, Jane!
"When I die, I believe that i will lose conciousness, probably forever, and that the atoms in my body will slowly spill out into everything. The ground, the mountains, the stars in the sky, the ice cream that they serve in waffle cones down the street from my house"

Last Night at The Casino

I like zines about work. For the most part, I like this one. It's interesting to hear from an environment where "emotional highs and lows are sort of the objective of the entire procedure." Lots of talk about money, shit-talking and regulars. Overall a fun quick read but with some fucked up and objectifying behaviors toward women, but is great about homosexuality... (BTW,I understand.)
 The author finds humour in "short sticking", a process where the dice are pushed shy of a "good looking lady with big tits and a low-cut shirt" so she has to lean over and give the crap's dealer a free look, and judging by the text likely participates himself?  Wanna respond to that one?

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