Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do you love waking up next to me as much as i love waking up next to you?

Hello friends, How are you? have you recieved an early spring, if you're in the great pacific northwest? If so, yay!
This has been a very weepy week, but will hopefully make me a more understanding person. I need to remember to speak and try to ACTUALLY FEEL with love, patience, and not to build walls to avoid pain or hard work.
Trials! This week I made lots of small fascinator combs, read some zines, hustled, traveled more than I intended,snuggled and relaxed with olympia and seattle friends, went to some shows and a square dance, ended up on the kitsap peninsula, learned how to apply eye makeup from my mother, thought and wrote extensively about female performance, wondering if this new-feeling, different interest in presentation is a trap, and that i will soon only stare into a mirror working on my face like edie sedgwick, making everyone two hours late for events? I don't think so, and also it coincides with a high point in body confidence, and heavy processing and conversations with other people about their presentation and gender.

I turn 23 this weekend, and I want to feel more excited than I am. From the time that i was maybe 12, I always thought that 23 was going to be a really lovely year. Horoscopes say as much, in my opinion.

They say this is the pisces year for sensual pleasures, music and dancing and making love and eating.
As for music, I listen to Donna Fargo and Lee Hazlewood. Dancing, not so much. Eating, nothing really tastes right. Making love, I'm a touch depressed to even try.

I'm applying seasonally to Dollywood. If i get hired I will take it as a sign from my patron saint dolly parton and move to pigeon forge, tennessee. So please pray for or against in your own preference and let's see what happens.

Birthday Party at my house next week

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