Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Portland zines

I first read this comic book in a bathroom on division street, while I perched on the closed toilet seat and brushed my teeth before bed. There is a lot of pinball played, and it is filled with a general sense of cozy friend-dom and just hanging out. very cute. I think this is also the person who made the McGriddle Defense zine, the food fiction zine that shocked all who read it at the Portland Zine Symposium (and many others around the world, to be sure.). I'm glad things like that sure do still exist, and thank you. Actually I'm kind of anxious about you clicking that last link, because it froze up my browser, but It's worth it. I had no clue what a mcgriddle was before reading that zine, and It's two pancakes with built-in syrup, mean, cheese, and egg. Can you believe it? Also on the blue skies above us blog, a nice synth + punk laden winter mix called Wintermute. Download that here.

This zine is so charming. It's a quarter size hand-bound mini treasure. I have a few issues from last year, and each one is so different- just the Writer, Miss Delphine following her bliss. May it be a little doses of history, interesting photos, found things, this new issue is sure to be nice and a half!

Valentine's day. I love it. I pretty much tune out everyone that starts saying why it sucks. Greeting cards, capitalism, diamonds, institution of relationships. - blah, blah, blah. If something REALLY BAD happened (I.E. Death, a serious dumping, injury, terrible breakthrough, bad acid trip) I am willing to listen, but let's not trifle with this holiday. It's dedicated to a bunch of wild martyrs one of whom would illegally marry people, it coincides with Lupercalia, is an excuse to make heart shaped objects, eat heart shaped food, make your friends sweet (heart shaped) notes, wear sexy victorian clothes (that may or may not make breasts appear heart shaped), potentially have sex by candle light, and scream "happy valentine's day!" at midnight on 02/13/2010.

As for it being a capitalist holiday, I'm not going to be spending a dime! As for the importance it puts on traditional relationship models...Most years I spend with a group of friends, once a friendly booty call, and one year i had two valentines and OH did we eat a bunch of fancy food and party. This year, i will be spending the actual holiday with my sweetheart, but only because i love valentine's day so much and she's really hot. WIN! The thirteenth I will be crashing bikes into one another during minibike winter, and dancing at a house party.

In finland, It's just a friend's day. This can easily apply to anyone with friends. <3

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forrest said...

Yo, you seem to know way mo' about Valday than I do! Would you be our special Valens-xpert on the radio? Friday, Feb. 12, from noon-2pm! We can call u up! Puh-leeeease...