Sunday, May 9, 2010


Tour has been really, really lovely! Lots of hot days in the car listening to Josh read Miranda July stories, lots of landscape changes, awesome shows and new and old friends. I'm currently writing from Albuquerque, In our darling friend Billy Jo and Christopher's magically arranged home. We've been awarded a down day or so, as our Santa Fe Show fell through. We play tonight at Winning's coffee, and tomorrow may visit Albuque and busk in Santa fe. Oakland and Davis were amazing, playing beside Oakland's sweetest, Maple Rabbit, KinKin, and Wisdom Tooth. We all swooned pretty hard and later Drove back across the Bay Bridge to see Foxdye rave out in a ballet studio. Also, Josh and I got stuck inside an elevator with The Club Pina Colada

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YaNoMas said...

pretty rad..there...pret-t-y stoked.