Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zine And Comic Reviews

Jesus Christ Super Zine #2
jcszine at

The long Awaited second issue of Ariel Birks' Award Winning zine on Christianity! Explored within the pink pages are her parent's relationship with the church, youth camps and events, sexuality e-mails with an
Atheist and an Interview with New York Crochet Artist Nathan Vincent on coming out queer with a Christian family. Written in Ariel's accessible, honest and sometimes rib wreckingly hilarious voice...A great zine on it's own but best paired with it's predecessor, Jesus Christ Super zine Number one to get the whole story.
Bonus: She also comes clean and posts parts of youth journals! I recently destroyed all of mine in case i die and people comb through my things. That takes some mettle!

Map of Fog
Marcos Soriano
P.O Box 27252
San Fransisco, CA 94127

Well rounded and written zine out of Lovely San Fransisco opens with an evocative piece on working at a hotel with a jumper suicide (sucide has been a fairly popular zine topic in the last few months, and has been effectively catching my attention) and folks reactions after witnessing it and covering the person up from the common eye. Also of note is an interview with a person who was stabbed, plus photos and writing on some hidden places and things to see in San Fransisco. All the pieces are very well written and varied, so you will probably enjoy at least one piece!

Narcolepsy Press Review #6
PO Box 17131
Anaheim, CA 92817
narcolepsypresszine at

What a great zine. Reviews and life updates from a unique voice. Randy writes on his summer, shows, books, music played on his E-pod and going to the fair to eat a bunch of fried food. Solid! There are a bunch of letters from prisoners in this one, but I got a little bored and did not read them all. May
be later I will. But onto the reviews! Thanks for sharing the opinions and giving us access to each other's zines. Also included are Little excepts from comics and clippings pages, and a couple of pages of ads for rad zine related things.

The First Thirty Years
Martine Workman

A truly beautiful and charming zine I picked up from Artist Martine at Stumptown Comics Festival. Comics, charming drawings playing with words, photocopy + ink and little tiny poems. Also came with a tiny, tiny newsletter detailing P-patch updates on her street and little jokes.
A total delight!


One of the only things that made me titter super hard at Stumptown. I was pretty broke so had to choose carefully what comics and publications to bring into my life. I ended up with two beer coozies, this guy's neon covered swirly detailed spacemonster comic, Martine Workman's "First thirty Years", and Kinoko's latest Zine City Comics.Check out this cover! "cultural Overload" or something Kinoko says. Cool.

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Finding Martine Workman's table a convention is like stumbling across hidden treasure.