Friday, May 20, 2011

the sadness of practicing magic without nature

Hello deers, today has been a trying one.Welcome to my melodramatic post. My teeth of wisdom are trying to scare my milkteeth from their innocent cavern, my fox may have to run in another den and my eyewells are dry from crying, listening to the soft whispering drum and bass song my former love and I shared, and trying to believe magic and whimsy will occur once again. Onto brighter fields, i've been ordering lots of zines and writing letters- it feels nice to actively participate in the widespread writing and zinemaking community. Today I went to the post office and got some space stamps, mercury project and Messenger Mission themed. Watch your mailboxes fine foxes.

First off, I recently found a piece of paper that I wrote down a bunch of Artist's names to look up later. On the scrap I also drew a crying person with a bob haircut and a hand over one eye. Here are images and things from these artists.

Second, While Portland is borrowing this Philadelphia/Seattle Artist Kinoko, She is putting up fancifully futuristic but demure fairy tale beasts at Black Wagon. Check the show out until the end of the month.

Zine Reviews

Soyamilkzine #1

I've read probably hundreds of zines on Veganism, from information, meathouse horror fiction, Animal activist histories to cookbooks. This one focuses heavily on music that speaks against the human waste cycle and for animals/veganism. Lyrics, interviews with Anchor and Lawrence Arms, Love letters to spoons, Hummus, and Liquid smoke. the article I found most interesting to read was The Paragon of Animals: reflections on the Human Perception of Intelligence. I failed to appreciate the derogatory usage of the words "cunt" and "retarded" in relation to vegan slogans but otherwise found it a nicely compiled zine.

Sugar Needle #32
Corina Fastwolf
P.O Box 66835
Portland, OR 97290
Ah, what can be said about sugar needle but what a sweet sweet little read it consistently is! Corina explores candy, 32 issues later! As someone who went to the dentist and have about 12 cavities today, I hate to admit i get candy recommendations from this little zine. In this issue there is also an interview with Portland trashy surf band Guantanamo Baywatch. The best thing in this issue is the discovery of "Belly Flops", irregular Jelly beans marketed as such. I also just opened it up again and I had smashed flowers inside from a cute girl i went out with last week. Cool.

Femme A Barbe
I love this zine so much - women with facial hair! History, high quality personal accounts, a work of fiction and just a touch of genderbending. Nice artwork scattered about. One of my favourite zines of all time.

The Other WO/MAN zine
A lovely person named Sarah came to stay with us this summer while travelling, and she brought an amazing and painful to read zine with her - all about being the big other, whatever that may mean to one! Great concept and similary great pieces. my favourite piece is called "No other woman" about one woman's grandparents lifelong love during the depression, wars, and eventually passing on. Another best zine of all time!

Danielle Rodeo Warhola and Quinn Little Arrow Warhola

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