Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Night at Theoria

Well, I was going to stay in tonight. After last night's Tender Loving Empire's birthday blowout/bathroom stall boozing, glitter throwing, mooning the photobooth and butt shaking to the likes of Jared mees + The grown children and Typhoon...i thought i may just need a break.
A friend came by today and mentioned he was playing a show at a gallery and worshop space called Theoria on Killingsworth and interstate. I was intrigued and in the area so after running errands, i decided to swing by. There was a fanciful fort built next to the overpass, and in the gallery itself a slew of curiosities, art, herbs really nice treats and lots of mint kava water from the bar. The first performance was by Robby Kraft, teacher of Sacred Geometry and instrument creator. He presented a wonderful instrument akin to a hand made glass xylophone-theramin-tiny machine. I don't know! It was amazing!
Also, these fellows i know did a hauntingly lovely ambient tape/feedback noise performance. pretty noise show soon!

Workshops coming up at Theoria
June 9
Make your own botanical press 4 PM
Sacred Geometry and fractal drawing 6:00
June 13
Intro to rock indentification with some exploration of healing properties
june 20
Calendar and map making
June 30
Liqueurs making and love potion making! 5 pm 8$

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