Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zine lovespell

I received Nathan Carter's "Will you marry me?" single page folded treasure at zine symposium 2008, while in the midst of a golden lovespell with a beautiful towheaded colt with a crack in his head, where the happiness could seep out if it all became too much. These adorable letters, wondrous drawings and entries from a life were held very precious to us, and we mimicked the style for our own zine "you are very deer to me". Nathan has lots of beautiful books available on his etsy. Where this story climaxes; Nathan also makes lushly layered piano and banjo music, under the name Purrbot. Take a listen to this single "Share the good"!

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purry said...

Thank you for this! My heart did swell! Thanks for chatting with me at the Zine Symposium! I had such a great time.