Friday, June 24, 2011

Link roundup, Femme Appreciation, and praise for a zine.

Well, Well, Well. I've got a dreaded portland summer cold, but i'm happy as an oyster creating a pearl on the kitsap penninsula! (They only do it because they are uncomfortable, to be honest.) My best friend Quinn the Dog is here, my mom is here, i'm lung deep in tinctures and tea. I spent my day reading news and watching ever guilty television. Our chickens have started laying eggs near the fence, and there truly is nothing like a fresh egg!

So, to gush over a zine, it is called Quantify, it is from 2000 and it is written by a critical, snappy queer person of color named Lauren. The critical and snappy are discussed without apology, and I appreciate it - calling out racist graphic design and talking about the "colour of Violence" conference. All pieces, from community part Vs. Whole to identity, to a comic collage on change are well fleshed out. Have no clue where you can get this now. Whoops, good luck ya'll!

Ah, just take a gander at all those dudes signing that sweet sweet paper!

These ladies are AWESOME.


Reviving Sister Aimee Via American Public Radio
A powerful pentecostal leader, her sermons are killer and really theatrical. Don't watch if you're a totally sipping spiritual haterade, you won't like this at all.

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