Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ilse Content out today, and also, Summertime #4

Not that long awaited because she is motivated, Alexis Wolf's Ilse Content #10 is out! It's all about home.

Summertime #4
Last night I read the fourth and final Installment if Seattle Based artist and Author Gina Sicilliano's graphic novel "Summertime". The characters in her beautiful sketched pen and ink pieces are given such emotion in their faces; dissapointment, heartache, dissatisfaction; but ocassionally the look of love, and glimpses of excitement. #4 delves into the ending struggle with a friend/lover and addiction. Don't read if you're in the thick of heartache or friend loss, but everyone else please do so! Reccomended.

And also, a link to Tart Magazine's blog. A truer sentiment has never existed.

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