Saturday, September 3, 2011

A couple of zine reviews

Sapira Cheuk

A fold out zine illustrating some curvy forms surrounded by some graphic POP Lines. Just something to take a quick look at.

By the River Side
Cut and paste, cute zine from Riverside CA. Facts about cats (Did you know all kittens are born with blue eyes?) a little prose, some photography, a brief piece on body love, herbal hair cleaning recipe. Seems like a younger person did it, Enjoyable layout.

While I'm away I'll write home every day
Apparently made by a teenage girl that loves her boyfriend, hopefully this was for her boyfriend? a list of love weekend..."take a shower, see a shower, watch a sweet movie, take photos, picnic w/ cosmo, do/make something nice for our parents, make a list of why we love each other, eat pizza, overlook, fairmount park, lots of kissing, make a good breakfast together, start a puzzle, finish a puzzle, romantic dinner, fireworks, craft, play dress up..."
and there are photos of the happy couple. I guess I'm just bitter because i used to feel like this with my ex girlfriend and now I think love is dumb half the time.

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