Friday, September 30, 2011

Pink clad Messengers / Onward Hardline Soliders Split

PO Box 11703 Eugene, OR 97440

Attention to whomever sent me this hardline/queer positive/joke/sarcastic from 2000 or what have you..Boom, thank you. I started reading and fell quite into a trap of retro an-snark-ism. So i got bored and fucked my friend instead. We made out for a long time, dry humped, petted me with his hand, and I went down on him for a while before he asked if he could get inside my panties and i complied, happy to forget this awfully laid out zine with near impossible to read typography. He fucked me from the back and it was GREAT! The kind of sex that makes you want to take the day off work and stop reviewing zines (from ten years ago) so your new sweetheart can come over and do you hard on the pile of zines you should be reviewing!!! I don't care if this shit got bent! RECOMMENDED!

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