Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Maddy Phelan

A fabulous zine from a rad, hair queer on Electrolysis, being bearded and sexuality/attraction/orientation. I really enjoyed their journey from guilty and conditioned to energized and owning of their sexuality. As a hairy person myself (who unabashedly admits to shaving facial hair regularly) it feels great to read accounts like these - smart, eloquent and honest.

"I started to postpone my lazer appointments although i was still shaving every day, in between appointments you can't pluck or wax and the first time i put a razor to my face I felt a bit like what i imagine a teenage boy feels like her he starts to shave his face."

Les Carnets De Rastapopoulos #8

2-7 Larch Street
Ottowa, Ontario
IR 6W4

Unique zine about pen palling in the 1980s when the berlin wall was still intact! Sweet Canadian boyhood with interesting charts of everyone he ever wrote. One pen pal wanted ad in a Czech youth magazine raked in over 250 letters!
"as excited as i was to finally correspond with someone from australia, my self designated favourite country, landing a pen pal on the other side of the Iron curtain became my next target. The whole idealogical Us Vs. Them, Capitalism Vs. Communism divide during the cold war made it impossible to find a pen pal agency with eastern european names"

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