Friday, June 24, 2011

Luxury and illness. glug glug glug

Luxury during illness:
small fluffy white comfort
drinking silver particles suspended in water like it's no thing
huffing rose oil

Link roundup, Femme Appreciation, and praise for a zine.

Well, Well, Well. I've got a dreaded portland summer cold, but i'm happy as an oyster creating a pearl on the kitsap penninsula! (They only do it because they are uncomfortable, to be honest.) My best friend Quinn the Dog is here, my mom is here, i'm lung deep in tinctures and tea. I spent my day reading news and watching ever guilty television. Our chickens have started laying eggs near the fence, and there truly is nothing like a fresh egg!

So, to gush over a zine, it is called Quantify, it is from 2000 and it is written by a critical, snappy queer person of color named Lauren. The critical and snappy are discussed without apology, and I appreciate it - calling out racist graphic design and talking about the "colour of Violence" conference. All pieces, from community part Vs. Whole to identity, to a comic collage on change are well fleshed out. Have no clue where you can get this now. Whoops, good luck ya'll!

Ah, just take a gander at all those dudes signing that sweet sweet paper!

These ladies are AWESOME.


Reviving Sister Aimee Via American Public Radio
A powerful pentecostal leader, her sermons are killer and really theatrical. Don't watch if you're a totally sipping spiritual haterade, you won't like this at all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zine reviews!

Ambrosial cut and paste zine on hard lost love in the Australian outback while travelling.

"for two full days i didn't see a single person and when I emerged at the top of King's Canyon I made a solemn vow not to get bitter, not let this poison my heart's propensity to love and be loved"

Czech One two
1022 Arthur Ct. Apt #217
Salisbury, MD 21804
A zine about a fellow named Daniel's time working on an organic farm, making it very clear that he had little fun or romance with the work. It Sounds like they worked a pretty bad farm, but the note with the zine said that he's working a farm with better results. Good! Has some cute comics and nice illustrations scattered through out.

Asexy ...or something like that
A zine on Mage's asexuality, romantic attractions...or something like that, yes indeed. Discusses adopting a lesbian identity but being sexually attracted to men, and discovering the Asexual Visiblity and Education Network. A quick read, I think this zine may have been part of a Portland State University Class on Feminism and Zines.

Food Magic!
First, the photo on the front is a lady snake charming weenies on a string. You know it's going to be good. Doodles and recipes for basil coctails, mulled wine, arugala pesto, brazil nut "cheese", walnut pate, Soups, salads, stir fries, and even a liver tonic! Sure there are tons of vegan cookzines, but I assure you the food (and librations!) in this one shine.

Not Pokemon Comics (sorry)
Letters to an Absent Father
Mare Odomo is adorable from start to end, in person and on paper. His comics "Letters to an absent father" feature Ash Ketchum of the pokemon fame writing his father about his life, asking questions of the man that never appears in the series, games, or comics. "Dear Dad, On a the sea, I watched my butterfree...& his mate...Disappear...into the sunset. Do you ever miss mom? Love, Ash"
Only the sweetest of hearts could make this.
His more personal comics, NOT POKEMON COMICS (SorrY) are hand sketched, everything from park sketches, ladies and pizza. Reccomended!

Aunt Anna's
Guide to Grooming
Rules for Prim and Proper Little Ladies
Simple and nice encouraging little girls to eat world cusine, conquer their fears, and express their opinions. "Some little girls are sweet. Other little girls are rough. Most girls, However, are a combination of both and this makes them much more interesting." Said well Aunt Anna!
The grooming guide is great too. "Girls should never shave, It takes up too much of their precious time." and "Or just don't comb your hair. This is also okay. It makes you look wild and free."

How to Host a House Show
The Laundry Chute
728 E. Locust St
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Pink and black blockprinted cover in this nice mini zine, covers communication, neighbour relations, promotion and setting up. If you've never thought about having a house show this is a ncie little introduction.

Kitchen Conniption
Obtained at Floating World Comics
In this time of well illustrated food zines, I LOVE Vanessa's art! Doodles of food, ladies cooking, write ups of her favourite food blogs, drink tips, honey beer bread and more. Her art sort of reminds me of Julie Doucet. Reccomended!

Alco Beat #6
Hilarious zine by two folks from bowling green in the late 90's or early 2000. Life updates that really get me laughing - A story about going to a garage sale and buying a very powerful bug zapper, reality shows, term paper titles, a piece on Punk rock in china, and reviews of course. This zine is old and I'll bet you can't get it anywhere. And I think I reviewed it a few years ago.

Andy Friendly - Full Speed Ahead
This zine is mostly about travelling, but also bad ideas executed in houses with a fresh voice. Keeps to the interesting things and ditches the chafe. Includes a eally rad piece on working with bike brakes - he seems to be very bright and have a good way of describing the system to folks. Seems like a fun rowdy kid.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

solid gold punk rock

As I sit here in my basement room listening to Portland punk paramours Tiny Knives practice, (well, try to tune out with headphones...It is practice after all!) I reflect on all the great punk music i've been lucky to listen to and experience at house shows across the northwest this last week.Let's reflect. You may be thinking "Hmm... letters with mixtapes? What the punk? Who is this girl taking over the blog?" Yeah, my name is Danielle Warhola and I run another blog, Resume Of Charm where most of this stuff is going to be crossposted.

Sunday, we had a great basement blowout with pasta salad, a huge white strawberry whipped cream cake and an apple pie the size of a pillow. We also had Shark Pact, Members of Hail Seizures' Keyboard and drum outfit play, suitable for dancing or "shaking your butt" and bringing thoughtfully penned songs about harm reduction, service industry work, cities and wilderness. I have no clue if there is a way to obtain their 2010 tape album "Ditches" aside from a show but an address to contact them at is PO Box 913 Olympia, WA 98507
They are on Tour with the Hail Seizures, and the tour dates for that can be found here.

Two days later at the well loved portland house fucketts, was a total gem of a show - Sleep Spindle, Agatha, My Parade and Diver . Let's start there. All people of colour, all political butt shaking for everyone involved. Mathy post rock drumming, power vocals, and pitchy keyboard organ sounds. Check out their Album here.
Agatha. Palatably poppy queer hardcore (that is saying a lot, because I am fucking sick of hardcore until further notice!) with incensed lyrics from a powerful frontperson (plus sick group vocs), dreaming up the drive for actual change in a kierarchal world and assessing identity. Listen to + order their EP at Rumbletowne records. (Rumbletown also has other quality bands Doomhawk, lightnin' round, Shorebirds, and Hooky that remind me of some of the greatest shows I ever experienced living in seattle. Being 19 was really, really exciting.)
They played with Sleep Spindle, Portland all girl goodness. I don't know if they have internet contact.

In the process of writing this post, I plugged the speakers into my bedroom for the first time in a year - going to go through the rumbletowne records backcatalog, turn it up and get nostalgic. Enjoy.


The city of portland is now officially rocking trans inclusive healthcare on a unanimous vote.


Zine lovespell

I received Nathan Carter's "Will you marry me?" single page folded treasure at zine symposium 2008, while in the midst of a golden lovespell with a beautiful towheaded colt with a crack in his head, where the happiness could seep out if it all became too much. These adorable letters, wondrous drawings and entries from a life were held very precious to us, and we mimicked the style for our own zine "you are very deer to me". Nathan has lots of beautiful books available on his etsy. Where this story climaxes; Nathan also makes lushly layered piano and banjo music, under the name Purrbot. Take a listen to this single "Share the good"!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

fiercely golden

There are places people built that will make one of their own blush, shed tears down fleshy mountain spurs protecting the castles of human lip, the most royal of the features and smile sheepishly out of windows, hoping to meet another kind beast receptive to
this location based songbirding. There are damp bedrooms where girls lay laden in crystals created in torrid plastic mines desperately and dreaming and holding so, so safe. There are places between the home and this place where sister Socrates sneaks around in tight summer plumage to drink down nectar, random and abandoned and moving seventy-five mile long steps. Safe with strangers, so safe. There is water of three sides, against windows but not pouring in- fresh, salt or of the famous low hope slough, endings we desire no more than more fiercely golden things; scotch broom riddling these prairies.

And check out this cutie, singing about heteropatriarchial constructs and virginity.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Night at Theoria

Well, I was going to stay in tonight. After last night's Tender Loving Empire's birthday blowout/bathroom stall boozing, glitter throwing, mooning the photobooth and butt shaking to the likes of Jared mees + The grown children and Typhoon...i thought i may just need a break.
A friend came by today and mentioned he was playing a show at a gallery and worshop space called Theoria on Killingsworth and interstate. I was intrigued and in the area so after running errands, i decided to swing by. There was a fanciful fort built next to the overpass, and in the gallery itself a slew of curiosities, art, herbs really nice treats and lots of mint kava water from the bar. The first performance was by Robby Kraft, teacher of Sacred Geometry and instrument creator. He presented a wonderful instrument akin to a hand made glass xylophone-theramin-tiny machine. I don't know! It was amazing!
Also, these fellows i know did a hauntingly lovely ambient tape/feedback noise performance. pretty noise show soon!

Workshops coming up at Theoria
June 9
Make your own botanical press 4 PM
Sacred Geometry and fractal drawing 6:00
June 13
Intro to rock indentification with some exploration of healing properties
june 20
Calendar and map making
June 30
Liqueurs making and love potion making! 5 pm 8$